Pucker Up: The 12 Best Lip Masks That Will Transform Your Lips Overnight

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Soft, hydrated lips are one of those things that seem easy to maintain, but life usually gets in the way. Between trying new lipsticks and commuting in cold weather, chapped lips are inevitable, no matter how many balms you have kicking around in the bottom of your tote.
That's where lip masks come in handy. Unlike lip oils or balms, these thick, gooey masks are designed to protect skin overnight so your body can repair itself while you sleep. Just buff off any flakes (a clean washcloth, soft toothbrush, or teaspoon of sugar is all you need), then apply a thick coat to wake up with a smoother, juicier pout.
Of course, finding a formula that actually works is where things get complicated. To help, we've rounded up some of our favourite lip masks that you can shop right here in Australia.

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