11 Lip Balms We Rate For Healing Chapped Winter Lips

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As budding beauty enthusiasts, lip balms were our first loves. Evolving from bubblegum Smackers to the more glossy Juicy Tubes, stains, oils and beyond, it may not have been the hydration we were obsessed with they sure did make us fleek slick. Now, as (very mature) adults, candy smells and clip-on packaging aren't enough to sway us, and while balms are still a staple of ours, our attention has shifted to more advanced criteria.
Sure we all have a few stragglers rolling around at the bottom of our tote bags that do enough, but when you meet the right lip balm, it’s a game-changer. Particularly as the winter chill takes its toll, leaving us with sad, chapped lips, the search for a one-and-done product that hydrates, protects and doesn't feel stuffy and sticky is a worthwhile cause.
So to uncover the best, we've taken polls and scoured Internet reviews for what's really worth the cash. Ahead, the top-rated lip balms set to become your new winter beauty saviours.
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