TikTok Isn’t Wrong About These 10 Rightfully-Hyped Lip Oils

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There are a few key pieces needed to crack the no-makeup makeup puzzle: a dewy base that covers imperfections yet still looks like skin, barely there lashes that define but never clump, and, of course, the perfect whisper of colour on your lips. The latter is, in our opinion, the hardest part of a fresh face to get right. While a hint of colour on the lips is one of the easiest ways to brighten your entire complexion in just a few seconds, it's very easy to go too heavy or too light and miss the mark completely.
That's why the advent of lip oils has been so handy. A product that marries the best parts of a nourishing balm and a colourful gloss? Sign us up! In the past few years, lip oils have flooded our feeds and local makeup stores, so we've been able to try dozens of different variations. Some are tinted, some pack longer-lasting benefits, and some come with funky applicators and interactive packaging. Just keep in mind that you shouldn't rely on a lip oil to give you total moisture protection, so don't get rid of that lip balm of yours just yet.
That being said, feast your eyes on the very best lip oils we've tried to date.
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