Get Ready For Big, Bold Love: Venus Is In Leo

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The cycle of hot cosmic love is almost complete, all thanks to the movement of Venus, the Planet of Love. First, Venus was in Gemini, amping up our need for coy flirtations and playing the field. Next, it headed into Cancer, making us crave connection and comfort. Now, Venus is entering Leo on August 11, and for the next three weeks we'll be wanting to show up and show out for love — it's what we've been preparing for all along.
"Love expands and grows stronger with Venus in this sign," says Iva Naskova, astrologer at the Nebula app. "Since Leo is naturally very glamorous and noticeable, our love life tends to go in that direction." We'll be craving affection and attention from everyone (hey, it's Leo season after all), but most of all our partners or potential love interests. "We all can be a bit more demanding regarding our needs, and Venus in Leo might increase your criteria for what you look for in a partner," says Nakova. "This is because Leo always has to be the best, therefore has to have the best for themselves." We may be a bit picky during this time about who gets the chance to bask in our love and attention, which isn't necessarily a bad thing — sometimes being choosy with where we put our energy can end up protecting us in the long run.
We'll be a bit more fiery and fierce now than we were while Venus was in Cancer. "Singles will pursue new love interests, and couples will sink into that old-school Hollywood romance style people have forgotten about," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. "Venus in Leo is about big and bold displays of affection, bringing fire to our romantic lives." Think John Cusack holding a boom box outside of a bedroom window or Heath Ledger singing his heart out on the football field — that's the kind of Venus in Leo, old-school romance we're talking about here.
Take inspo from those big gestures of love, because now is the time to turn up the romance factor in your partnerships, whether you're new lovers or committed partners. Montúfar says that going that extra mile — showing up to dates with flowers, planning spontaneous getaways, focusing on your partner's love language more than usual — will be rewarded and incredibly refreshing under this energy. And for those who are currently single but crushing, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take a chance. "For those who have been wanting to declare their love to someone, Venus in Leo is perfect for that, as people will be craving connection and attention," Montúfar continues.
The Planet of Love will have some big events over the next few weeks. First, it'll connect with Jupiter, the Planet of Luck and Abundance, on August 18. "Astrologically speaking, this is the love-at-first-sight aspect, as it is one of the most positive days for romance because it unites the two beneficial planets, aka the nicest energy in our solar system," says Montúfar. Although love is the main character of this day, this transit is also beneficial for friends, family, and enjoying life in general.
On August 26, Venus will square Uranus in Taurus, which Montúfar says will bring surprises and unexpected developments in love and all relationships. "Under this aspect, some of us will seek freedom, and if we don’t receive it, we might act in radical ways," she says. "Singles will be attracted to people who are not their type, gravitating more towards eccentric and out-of-the-ordinary love interests." If you're in a partnership, you may want to take some time to yourself or a plan a day out with friends instead of holing up with your S.O. This day has major one-night-stand-energy, too — take that as you will.
Watch out for August 28, when Venus in Leo opposes Saturn retrograde. This aspect will "make us want to be solo and alone to contemplate matters," says Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of The Love Deck. "Therefore, this is the time in which we are breaking out and shaking up relationship dynamics." Astrologer Stephanie Campos agrees, and says that "serious conversations within our closest connections may take place," around this time. "There is drive and determination to achieve something, but we'll have to put in the hard work and have the tough conversations to reach our end goal." Although we're all about love this season, there could be some break-up vibes around this time — just remember to communicate clearly and be respectful during any relationship woes.
When the Planet of Love is in Leo, anything is possible. Go big in love, but also remember to give yourself space to love and take care of yourself. If you're not actively feeding your own fire, how will you be able to keep anyone else warm?
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