Venus In Gemini Is Here To Heat Up Your Winter

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This next month is heating up — and we're not just talking about the weather. On 22nd June, Venus, the Planet of Love, will officially enter the chatty, sociable sign of Gemini, marking the start of a flirty girl winter. Trust us: it's going to be a fun one. "When the Planet of Pleasure is in the sign of the twins, it rejoices in the possibility of variety," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. "During the time Venus was in Taurus, we focused on quality over quantity — but now, all we want to do is have some good 'ol winter fun.
Gemini is, in fact, the social butterfly of the zodiac, so all of those friendly qualities will be infused into everything Venus rules: love, pleasure, social connections, and creativity — especially love. "Singles will mingle and will even serial date, as the vibe is more about playing the field than playing for keeps for the next three weeks," says Montúfar.
Lisa Stardust, astrologer, and author of The Love Deck, says that this energy will also make its way to those looking for a partner as we'll take an intellectual approach to relationships, meaning that we'll be attracted to those who are funny, smart, and less emotional. "We are thinking with our brain rather than our hearts, due to the airy nature of the planet," she says.
For those already coupled up, the vibes will be a bit different. "Mental stimulation will be key during this time, as Gemini’s influence brings a cerebral quality to all relationships. Foreplay begins at the dinner table over a fun debate," Montúfar says, "Sexting will also be the name of the game, as Venus in Gemini just loves using words to get warmed up and excited!"
But we'll also be taking a second look at our intellectual compatibility with our partners and deciding whether or not it's up to our standards. "It is a time when one might question their bond based on what they have in common with their partner, as Venus in Gemini focuses on whether we are compatible with our significant ones on an intellectual level," says Iva Naskova, astrologer at the Nebula app.
On 14th July, Venus squares Neptune in Pisces. "While this can be the most romantic of aspects, it can equally represent illusion, delusion, and confusion," says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at "To get the most from this transit don’t take things too seriously, especially if this represents an early or initial meeting. If this is the case you could leave feeling confused, or you could put more into the situation than actually exists." This might not be the best day for a first date, but even if you decide to defy the cosmos, you should be fine — just remember to take Hale's advice and take things easy.
Montúfar says that trickiest part of this month happens between 10th July and 16th July, which is when Venus forms a trine with Saturn along with the previously mentioned square with Neptune. In all, it'll be a pretty confusing, brain-foggy time. "On one side, we will crave commitment, but the truth is that we will not be seeing things clearly," she says. "Instead of acting on an impulse, it’s better to wait for the urge to commit to pass, as doing so could only create more drama once the rose-coloured glasses come off. Since both planets Venus will be activating, Saturn and Neptune, will be retrograde at this time, this combination could also mean romantic dramas from the past coming back for closure."
Overall, the winter of love is just beginning — and although there are a few topsy-turvy transits along the way, the truth is that Venus in Gemini is all about being flirty, social, and flexing your intellectual charm to your lovers (both committed and new). In other words, prepare to have some fun.
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