Your July Horoscope Is Here — It’s Time To Embrace Your Power

Welcome to July! The weather is cooling down but our horoscopes are heating up. On the 5th of July, chatty Mercury swims into Cancer and action planet Mars enters Taurus. These cosmic shifts will bring on a more passive energy, as Mercury in Cancer doesn’t speak their truths until they feel safe in doing so and Mars in Taurus likes to take a back seat in their passions.
The Capricorn full moon on the 13th of July is a chance for us to “adult” ourselves and embrace our power. Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, adding tenderness to our sentiments. Mercury gets assertive and direct on the 19th of July upon entering Leo. The Sun roars into Leo on the 22nd of July, urging us to lean into our fierceness and awesomeness — a sentiment that we’ll feel during the 28th of July’s Leo new moon. The same day, lucky Jupiter starts its retrograde in Aries, giving us the opportunity to take calculated risks.
The rebellious planet Uranus aligns with the North Node of Destiny in Taurus on the 13th of July, pushing us to be free, independent, and autonomous in relationships, love, and money. It’s time to lean into our individuality. We are free to be… you and me.
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