The Most Jaw-Dropping Moments In Academy Awards History

Photo: Michael Caulfield/WireImage.
The much-anticipated 2022 Oscars are set to take place on Monday, March 28 (AEST). Hosted by Regina Hall, Wanda Skyes, and Amy Schumer, the ceremony is returning to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, and will attract Hollywood's most talented actresses, actors and filmmakers for what is regarded as the most prestigious event on the awards calendar (not to mention the most stylish).
Since the Academy Awards is such a highly publicised event, that makes the evening’s potential scandals all the juicier. Instead of appearing on splashy magazine covers, controversy is everywhere. The best part? It's broadcasted live, so we get to watch it all go down in real-time.
We can’t promise that this year's Academy Awards ceremony will be full of headline-grabbing behaviour (if the show's dull, there's usually Twitter drama), but luckily there’s a whole treasure trove of jaw-dropping moments from bygone years to delight in.
Here are the best moments from Oscars history you wish you’d been around to witness.

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