10 Tips For Being Productive When Working From Home

With an increasing number of us being forced to (or choosing to) work from home, many people are discussing the benefits. Your meetings don't have to happen in conference rooms, you can totally avoid going to a cafe every day (when you want to), and you officially have no commute. Not bad. But, if you're not careful, work-from-home positions can also come with legit downsides. If you're the sort of person who easily falls into the Dreaded Pit of Distraction, there's hope. Here's how I manage to get the job done from my apartment, and learn some of my tips and tricks for staying productive. Want to know if they work? The story you're reading right now was written from home sweet home.

1. Make yourself an office.

Set aside one whole room (if the real estate gods have smiled on you) or at least a portion of your home that is all business, and only business. If you start thinking of your bed as a desk, you'll start thinking of your desk as a bed. (Plus, working from your bed is horrible for your back.)

2. Commence operation distraction removal.

If you spend hours in front of Netflix, consider cancelling your subscriptions (don't hate me!). You'll save some cash and you won't be tempted by Game of Thrones Procrastination. Also be aware of how productive you are while listening to music. Playing music constantly helps some people, and distracts others, so find out which one you are.

3. Exercise!

Though it may not seem like it, working from home can drastically reduce the number of calories you burn in a day. Fight stir craziness and the work-from-home 15 by devoting an hour of your day to getting physical (Olivia Newton-John style!). If you can't swing hitting the gym, invest in some light weights, an exercise ball, a yoga mat, or all three. Anything to get you moving.

4. Arrange your desk so that you're facing a window.

Okay, it's a little Carrie Bradshaw-esque, but girl apparently knew her stuff. You'll find it easier to stave off cabin fever if you constantly have a glimpse of the outside world.

5. Keep essentials in your office or workspace.

Yes, your bedroom/kitchen/first-aid kit are just a few feet away, but every time you leave your desk to grab a necessary break, you're interrupting your productive flow. I keep a cosy sweater, water (okay, coffee) and healthy snacks at or near my desk during the day. This will prevent you from getting up to grab something and encountering who-knows-what distractions around the house.

6. Cut yourself off.

When your home is also your office, it can feel like you're always working, literally. Decide when you're done for the day, and stick to it. You wouldn't normally run back to the office at 11 p.m. (barring an emergency), so why should you now? As important as it is to focus on work, it's also just as important to focus on you when the workday is over. My suggestion? Turn off that clever little sound on your phone that lets you know when you have a work email/slack message. Also, try keeping a cute clock on your desk and setting it to "quittin' time". It sounds silly, but it will keep you on a regular, sane schedule (emphasis on the word "sane").

7. Communicate!

Make sure you're in communication with people throughout the day. Chat with colleagues, schedule phone meetings, even check in on Zoom. This will make you feel like less of a lone wolf, and it will also make you feel like you're an important part of the company you're working for. For freelancers, keep in touch with your freelancy pals. Check in with each other, share ideas, and make sure everybody is feeling good about work.

8. Put some clothes on, k?

It might be just you at home and those sweats from Lowes are mighty comfy, but set aside time each morning to actually "get ready" for the day. Keep your outfit casual and comfortable, but not in the pyjamas family. It might sound unnecessary, but you'll feel more professional, and you'll be prepared if a last-minute meeting comes up.

9. Keep things clean.

Work-from-homies don't have awesome cleaning crews coming in at night. Make sure you always clean up your desk at the end of the day. I keep a duster in my desk. Works miracles. It's a great idea to have a rubbish bin and paper organisers within reach to keep random stuff from piling up. This will help prevent anxiety before it happens!

10. Take advantage of every single perk.

You're home during the day. Do you realise what that means? It means you can fire your dog walker, you'll never miss an ASOS delivery again, and you can totally lose your transit card without panicking. It also means you won't get anyone sick if you come to work with a sniffle. Learn what you love about your home-based status, and milk it. The more you enjoy working from home, the more you'll enjoy your job. Now, get back to work!

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