The Scariest TV Shows Of All Time

Photo: Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC..
In the era of all-day binges, freaky-deaky television is all the more important. Our senses are dulled by the incessant bludgeoning of the streaming content cycle. When the senses grow weak, where do we turn? Even more provocative material! Watch a scary TV show every once in a while. It'll awaken your senses.
Horror TV — or just thrilling TV, we won't get quibblish — has moved to the forefront in the past ten years. The kids who loved the horror of the '80s grew up and started making really, really good shows. And, networks discovered that comic books made great television. Shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story proliferated. Meanwhile, horror movies are having their own sort of renaissance. It, A Quiet Place, and Hereditary were all favourites in the past few years. Horror is back, baby.
For your terrifying pleasure, here are the scariest TV shows of all time.

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