Listen: Elijah Wood Shares His Nostalgic, Inspiring Playlist

Oh Elijah. We've loved you since the Flipper days, and you just seem to get cooler as time goes by. As the only person in history to turn hobbits into sex symbols, we always expect great things when EW's involved — and now he's proved us right once again. In collaboration with Bushmills Irish Whiskey, our favorite shorty's now curating a classy trip down memory lane. Sounds Of Since Way Back hits all the greatest songs from, you guessed it, back in the day, some well-known, others obscure. The tracks —never-before released on 45'' — are a combination of Wood's old favorites and some new finds, and all the result of a long and painful process of selection. "You’re like an archaeologist," he says, "and it’s a constant learning process."
Of course, we've got an exclusive listen just for you! Wood shared his choices with us, and, we've got to admit — they aren't your typical summer jams. But, these tunes are uplifting, fun to listen to, and a true musical journey...for Elijah, too. "I came up with a list of about 35 songs," he says. "It was a fun process for me. I didn’t really do any research, they were just songs that I loved. When I was thinking about the large master list, I was just trying to include songs that means something to me, that I have connections to, and that a relatively varied in the genre and what they represent."
In terms of emotional connection, he says listeners should tune into Lavelle White's "If (I Could Be With You)." "It’s so powerful," he shares. "It's her voice, the way it was recorded, there’s an extreme power. The song is really simple musically, but it's all about the pain and intensity it carries." Wood admits the playlist is extremely personal; Indeed, each song he chose has a special meaning to him. Take "Cattle Call," for instance. "It was actually a song I heard in a bar that I swore I had heard in a film previously," he says. "I was in Santa Monica years and years ago, and I heard this song that sounded really familiar to me but I couldn’t place it. I fell in love with it and found out it was Eddy Arnold." He adds, "Including this tune in the box set feels like sharing something that is a part of myself." We're glad you did.
Nerds, fangirls, and music buffs unite — this playlist has something for everyone. Just heard it here first!
Photo: Courtesy of Bushmill's

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