You Know You've Always Wanted Little, Edible, 3D-Printed Gardens

Photo: Via Dezeen.
We aren't quite sure where our food will come from (or what it will look like) in the future. Of course, one really appealing potential future-food source is bugs. Chloe Rutzerveld, however, has found a more appetizing answer — with the help of a 3D printer and plenty of dough.

reports that Rutzerveld's little gardens start with a printed skeleton covered in dough. When cooked, this base gets nice and crispy and serves as the perfect container for everything else: edible algae-based soil, spores, seeds, and yeast. After construction, each garden takes between three and five days to start "developing," says Rutzerveld, and the garden's taste and smell become more intense over time.

This project, called "Edible Growth," is just a concept, so there's still plenty to figure out. But, just think: In a decade or so, we could be eating all the adorable, tiny food pods we've ever dreamed of. (Wired)
Video: Via Dezeen.

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