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What do your toothpaste, deodorant, and iPhone charger have in common? They're all sitting at home forgotten, even though you somehow did remember to pack four pairs of sandals for a weekend bachelorette trip.
Rather than scrambling to find spare toiletries the night before your flight, the best way to combat pre-travel brain is to collect small bottles and product samples before you go out of town. Ahead, we've assembled some great travel-sized options — all of which are less than $20 — so you can order them now and have your perfectly portable beauty products ready for your next trip. We might suggest adding an extra charger to your cart, too.
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This moisturizer is light, gentle, and formulated with SPF 20, so you won't miss your luxury cream at home too much. It's smaller than a tube of toothpaste, so you can pack it in your bag to reapply throughout the day.
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If hotel magnifying mirrors have taught us anything, it's to always travel with tweezers. These little tools reach even the teeniest hairs, and the pack of three ensures we never leave them behind.
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Even if you don't have time to get a manicure before your vacation, you can make your at-home polish job look like the real thing by bringing a small salve to keep your cuticles soft and your polish shiny.
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This thin envelope-sized pack of wipes is perfect for a short weekend trip, because they'll fit in the smallest side-pocket. These are formulated for sensitive skin, so you won't come back with a post-vacation breakout.
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Face sunscreen is a must for any vacation, but it's especially important to remember in the summer. This sheer option will only set you back $9, and save you from being holed up in your hotel room with an aching sunburn.
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This five-blade razor comes in what looks like a retainer case — which, by the way, did you remember to pack that, too?
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A mini deodorant isn't just great for weekends away; we keep one in our bag all summer for those morning rush hours when the subway A/C fails us.
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The gentle cleanser buffs away dry dull skin, and the invigorating scent is the best cure for jet lag.
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It's rare that you'll fall in love with hotel shampoo, so it's better to come prepared with a formula that you know will work for your hair type.
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Argan oil helps to smooth and soften hair, so you can spend more time enjoying your tropical vacation and less time trying to control frizz in 90% humidity.
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When "baby soft" skin is the goal, cleansing with a super gentle body wash definitely doesn't hurt.

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