A Disco Ball Is The Unexpected Accessory Your Apartment Deserves

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It’s not just the fashion world that’s engaged in an ongoing love affair with the '70s. Take a look around beloved stores like CB2 and IKEA and you’ll find plenty of home goods inspired by the decadent decade. But while egg chairs and mod wallpaper are tempting, we’d argue that the easiest way to integrate the trend into your home is by investing in a disco ball. That’s right, the accessory once reserved for nightclubs and dance floors can make a stylish addition to your bedroom, kitchen, living area, or even home office.
It may sound a bit kitschy, but before you dismiss the disco ball, consider the fact that everyone from Bravo host Andy Cohen to writer Brooke Metcalfe has found a way to incorporate one into their homes. It’s all about styling it in a manner that’s understated — yes, it’s possible — unique, and the opposite of gimmicky. Check out these tips culled from in-the-know interior designers and get ready to bestow upon your apartment a dash of Studio 54 glamour.
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Amber Interiors
It’s all about location, location, location.

Interior designer Ashley Morgan of the Los Angeles-based firm Abstract Mind Interiors cautions that with a statement piece like this, picking the right location and styling it accordingly is crucial. “For me, it’s different if you’re doing it in a living room as opposed to a bedroom,” she tells Refinery29. “Because if it’s gonna be in a bedroom, that’s supposed to be kind of a calming, refueling, relaxing space, so it can be the statement piece of the room and then you work around it.”

If you’re doing it in a living room or similarly public space, she suggests subtly leaning into the ultra-glam vibe with complementary accessories — consider mirrored coasters or throw pillows with a metallic sheen. She also suggests considering the home office as a potential site. After all, why shouldn’t your workspace shine just as bright as the stuff you create in it?
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Bruce DaMonte
Consider the natural light.

"At this client's home, the skylight hitting the ball made it actually light up — having the disco ball light up naturally is a plus! The client dubbed it her ‘happy hour,’” San Francisco-based interior designer Alison DaMonte tells Refinery29. Putting your disco ball near a window where it will pick up sunlight ensures it will live up to all of its mood-lifting, room-expanding potential.
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Bruce DaMonte
Leave it on the floor.

If you have especially high ceilings or just really hate hanging things, fear not. DaMonte also suggests leaving the ball on the floor or tucking it into an unexpected corner. "In general, using them in a strange place (a fireplace, a deep shelf) makes it more unexpected than just hanging it,” she notes. This is also a sure-fire way to ensure it looks more "cool, shiny sculpture’" than "leftover theme party decoration."
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Go green.

Another creative option Morgan presents is to transform your disco ball into a planter. That’s right, a hollowed-out disco ball makes for an exceedingly glamorous place to store plants — be they real, fake, or a very real-looking fakes. The contrast between the wholesome earthiness of a plant and the over-the-top glitz of a disco ball is simply unbeatable. If you’re not the crafty type, fear not: You can buy one on Etsy for just $45.
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Tom Dixon
Opt for a (slightly) less extra approach.

If you’re still on the fence about investing in something so flashy, consider Tom Dixon’s beloved Mirror Ball. It has all the shine of a traditional disco ball but because it’s one large mirror instead of hundreds of small ones, it feels more refined and sophisticated. Plus, it’s also a lamp, so it’s got practical functionality in addition to aesthetic appeal.
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Amber Interiors
Shop vintage.

While you can easily purchase a new disco ball at places like Pottery Barn and Amazon, DaMonte suggests buying a vintage one, if possible, as it’s likely to be weightier, better quality, and made of wood as opposed to plastic. If you’re able to splurge, check out this one from Chairish; if you’re pinching your pennies, try Etsy or eBay.

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