6 Secretly Cozy Outfits That Win All The Style Points

Photographed by Christine Hahn.
We've been taught to categorize our clothing by its appropriateness for specific scenarios. Most would agree a pajama top belongs in the bedroom, a ball gown at a gala, and a sparkly halter on a dance floor. But we fall into the camp that believes you can wear almost anything anywhere. This approach comes in especially handy in the winter, when your mind is telling you you need to look put-together but your goosebumps-ridden body is saying "no thanks, I'm good."

Fortunately, there are ways you can pull off a polished look with the clothes you reserve for lying low. And together with Hanes, we're making the case that every outfit should be rooted in this level of comfort. To prove it, we created six outfit GIFs that transition from "just chilling" to "I'm about to go run the world" in seconds — all the while keeping the coziest pieces in play (think: snuggly sweaters and jogger pants). Now, we know moving fast on winter mornings is just plain unrealistic, but being able to keep your T-shirt from last night on makes the snooze button a little less precarious.

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