6 Secretly Cozy Outfits That Win All The Style Points

Photographed by Christine Hahn.
We've been taught to categorize our clothing by its appropriateness for specific scenarios. Most would agree a pajama top belongs in the bedroom, a ball gown at a gala, and a sparkly halter on a dance floor. But we fall into the camp that believes you can wear almost anything anywhere. This approach comes in especially handy in the winter, when your mind is telling you you need to look put-together but your goosebumps-ridden body is saying "no thanks, I'm good."

Fortunately, there are ways you can pull off a polished look with the clothes you reserve for lying low. And together with Hanes, we're making the case that every outfit should be rooted in this level of comfort. To prove it, we created six outfit GIFs that transition from "just chilling" to "I'm about to go run the world" in seconds — all the while keeping the coziest pieces in play (think: snuggly sweaters and jogger pants). Now, we know moving fast on winter mornings is just plain unrealistic, but being able to keep your T-shirt from last night on makes the snooze button a little less precarious.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
The Boyfriend Jean
Though this slouchy staple has become just as popular as the enduring skinny, it's still categorized by most as a laid-back piece. Maybe it's because the style suggests you stole 'em from your S.O., but our hunch is because they're so comfortable, it's like wearing your decade-old warm-ups. To pivot, a vividly printed blouse, neckerchief, velvet booties, and structured satchel will instantly channel a PFW street style pic — and who doesn't want to dress like a French girl?
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
The Muscle Tee
For those of us who don't wear muscle tees to show off ripped guns, this is a go-to choice at the gym or when we're hanging at home and our finicky radiator has no chill. To make the large under-arm openings suitable for public, opt for a soft, sleek bra in fun color, like this violet hue, and make it part of the look. Aim to complement the colors in the rest of the outfit, like the florals in this skirt.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
The Jogger Pant
The jogger pant's relaxed yet slightly tailored silhouette makes it a lounging MVP. But the shape also lends itself to an effortlessly cool look IRL. Dress up the slouchy fit with structured pieces in a neutral palette, like a boxy, fringe-lined top, sharp blazer, and mule-like heels for a look that'll kill it at your a.m. meeting. Add a scarf for a pop of print.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
The Snuggly Sweater
A cozy sweater has the power to take the big spoon/little spoon situation from nice to never getting up. To bring the fuzzy feelings into an elevated look, layer a crisp white button-up under the sweater, and let it peek out via the sleeves, collar, or tails. As for your bottom half, wide-legged white denim keeps the look in the relaxed realm while shiny loafers add an unexpected fancy finish.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
The Oversized Button-Up
It's hard to deny the soft, silky ease of an oversized button-up. And for that reason, it easily veers into kicking-back territory — especially if you're a pants-off kind of gal after a long day at work. To capitalize on its comfortable (not corporate) qualities, tuck it into extra-wide culottes in a crazy print. Add patent heels to jazz it up, but leave the socks on — mainly to avoid frozen toes but also in case you get the urge to drop trou and do that famous slide.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
The Robe Coat
A robe is the official uniform for days when getting dressed just isn't in the cards. But a coat that mimics a robe? The possibilities are endless. It might be an obvious choice for quick runs to your local coffee shop or laundromat, but less conspicuous are the ways it can be totally dressed up. Paired with silky shorts and patent nude booties with an orange, lucite heel, it reads sleek, not sloppy.

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