18 Of NYC's Chicest Moms Share Aww-mazing Family Portraits

"The working mother" wears many hats — boss, #1 fan, stylist, chef, and professional bedtime storyteller — to name a few. And though we should take pause to thank them everyday, it's unlikely we'd be able to catch them between their meetings and fittings and sports games and bath time. So Mother's Day will have to do. Luckily, we've got the inside scoop from 18 amazing, fashionable NYC moms. True, spending time with a bundle of joy shouldn't be as tedious as, say, planning and executing a fashion show from scratch, but we have it on good word that parenting isn't the easiest task either. With everyone from top NYC designers (hello Rachel Comey!) to an Hermès PR executive, our slideshow of aw-inducing pics (and the gifts they want to get) will have you misty-eyed. You'll be heading to the flower aisle stat — just please, no carnations.
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Rachel Comey, designer, Rachel Comey

"For Mother's Day, I think we are going camping upstate. It sort of sounds like Father's Day to me, but I am secretly looking forward to it. I think I will take some beautiful weather to go with my breakfast in the tent. This will only be my second Mother's Day, but I expect each year to be better than the last."
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Doreen Remen, co-founder, Art Production Fund

"Everything I do is more fun when my kids are with me. For Mother's Day, I want to spend the day with my kids and my husband, ending with dinner at Souen, Angelica's Kitchen, or Caravan of Dreams. Normally my kids won't join me for macrobiotic, vegan, or raw, so this would be a real treat."
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Tory Burch, designer, Tory Burch

"My favorite memory is the year my three boys made me a bouquet of spray-painted flowers. This year, I hope to get an evening in, watching movies and making dinner with my mom and the boys. They make a killer stir-fry!"
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Jeanann Williams, public relations director, True Religion

"This Mother's Day is extra special, as it's also my daughter Ruby's third birthday. My mom will be in town to celebrate, so there will be three generations — no better gift than that. I think one of my most memorable [Mother's Days] yet is my first, when I was waiting for Ruby to be born. She was already five days late, and I was hoping she'd come on Mother's Day. I was as big as a house and ready to meet her. The day filled me with admiration for my mother, grandmother, and all the moms out there, and with a great anticipation to become a mommy myself."
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Cena Jackson, new director of public relations, Hermès

"For Mother’s Day, I would love a vintage charm bracelet with Davidson’s initials. Matt, are you listening?"
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Adelina Wong Ettelson, director of residences marketing, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

"Ever since I could remember, my brother and I would make breakfast and bring it to my mother in bed for Mother's Day. On this particular Mother's Day, I was about 12 and we made eggs, toast, jam, and coffee topped with a single rose in a bud vase. We walked upstairs to my mom's room, and as we opened the door and yelled 'Happy Mother's Day,' the entire tray wobbled, and coffee, bud vase, and eggs splattered over the white carpet. To my mother's credit, she smiled and said 'How nice and a wonderful surprise!'

What I want most for Mother's Day is to spend the morning with my family in Central Park, playing in the 76th Street playground, rowing the boat, having brunch at The Boathouse and then having a Mother's Day treat with a two hour Time Ritual appointment at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York."
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Jessie Randall, creative director, Loeffler Randall

"Last year the boys each got me a beautiful arrangement from my favorite florist, Seaport Flowers, in Brooklyn Heights. I had three arrangements, I've never gotten so many flowers. It was the best gift ever. What I would love this year is a chance to sleep in in the morning, have brunch with the family and some beautiful drawings from my boys.

Another thought: For Christmas, Brian got me the most amazing gift ever. It is perfect for Mother's Day: silhouette charms on a necklace with real silhouettes of each of my boys (The designer creates the silhouettes from profile photographs). The necklace has their nicknames engraved on each silhouette and they look just like them."
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Jenny Fleiss, president and co-founder, Rent The Runway

"The best gifts are the ones you wouldn't necessarily buy or make for yourself. I would love a video of Daniella, or a photo montage. No need for flowers, it's all about her now!"
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Rebecca Minkoff, designer, Rebecca Minkoff

“My favorite Mother’s Day memory from growing up is when my dad, my brothers, and I all made my mom scrambled eggs and French toast in bed! I’m hoping my husband and Luca will carry on this tradition on Sunday!”
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Amy Smilovic, designer, Tibi

“I love homemade gifts from my two boys, Gabe and Charlie. Lately they’ve been very industrious, making tote bags that the whole Tibi staff has fallen in love with (and are now even ordering for purchase.) I’m hoping that for Mother’s Day I’ll get their newest design.”
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Allison Aston, director of communications at Veronica Beard

"All I want for Mother's Day is something made by hand, something I can truly cherish. Jay is the best, because every year he plans something so sweet for the kids to make. One year it was an ink print of their hands and feet on a piece of paper, another year they made me pictures and breakfast in bed. I am hoping this year the kids will do something truly novel like behave for an entire hour. Ha!"
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Nanette Lepore, designer, Nanette Lepore

“Violet happily spent one Mother’s Day scouring Portobello Road with me, even though she hates going to flea markets. Her patience was the best gift! But now that she’s 14, I’m hoping she’ll be as excited about London’s curiosity shoppes as I am!”
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Jenne Lombardo, founder, The Terminal Presents, and global fashion director, W Hotels.

"Aside from wanting to be worshipped by those tyrants and to be served a bowl of cereal in bed, I would love to spend the day with them on the beach. I would also like to rent a dog for the day that we could play catch with, and kiss. That would be a pretty great day."
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Joanna Goddard, writer

"Toby is almost two, so as a Mother's Day gift, I'd love to have him play his toy guitar and sing a song for me. It's slow-going, since every time he strums the guitar, he stops to applaud and say, 'Yay!' before continuing the song. But I love it. My favorite Mother's Day was when my mom and I decided to (finally) take a trip to Paris. We had been daydreaming about a trip for years and years, so we finally pinched our pennies, rented an apartment and spent a sunny week eating croque monsieurs and drinking too much wine. I still treasure that time together."
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Lucy Sykes Rellie, fashion director, Rent The Runway

"My favorite memory is watching my son play Lord Capulet in the spring school play. It was pretty damn cool! What I would like this year is health, happiness and a little tour around Nicholas Kirkwood’s new store in the West Village!"
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Veronica Miele Beard, owner and partner, Veronica Beard

“We love dessert in my house. My favorite gift from my kids is when they each prepare (with love) a dessert for me. I let them go all out, from the whipped cream to the chocolate sauce and cherry on top. It’s a mess!!”
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Lara Meiland-Shaw, buyer, MyHabit.com

“My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Olivia, has promised that she will bake a chocolate cake for me. I couldn't think of anything better. Then, during her midday nap, I’m looking forward to a shopping spree on MyHabit.com for the whole family. Since it's my day, I guess it’s fitting to use my husband’s credit card! I love shopping from home, particularly when I’m 8 months pregnant with number two."
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Blair Voltz Clarke, owner, Voltz Clarke LLC

"On the first friday of every month we are allowed to go into our daughter's classroom at school and Poppy had the most happy and colorful self portrait on the bulletin board. I adored it and asked Ms. Sherman to take a snap shot for me. I recently overheard Poppy telling Georgina that she is having it framed for me for Mother's day. I can't wait to hang it in my office! Georgina also plans to make a hand beaded necklace for me which I will cherish.

And, speaking of jewels... I'd love a chic ring by Blair Hussain, because they are all about your child's birthday. Both my girls are born on the 19th, Poppy in February and Georgina in December. I guess a cool ring would be with '2-12-19,' for 'February-December-19.'"

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