13 Halloween Treats Your Apartment DESPERATELY Needs

Let's get one thing out of the way: Most Halloween decorations are terrible — especially the ones you buy in stores. The shelves are full of cheesy tchotchkes, tacky plastic doodads, and sad, misshapen gourds that only a PSL-chugging sociopath could love. But it's not all bad, we promise. There are, in fact, some very creepy, kooky, and most importantly cool items for those of us who love Halloween — or just wish we could be a little bit more like Ms. Stevie Nicks every single day of the year. Ahead, we've rounded up 13 of the very best.
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Because everyone knows your cat is terrifying.
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For a party. Or a party of one.
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Right this way, ghosts. We'll leave the light on for you.
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An investment piece for those who take Halloween very, very seriously.
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Just the right amount of dinnertime creepy.
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We'd keep these beauties on display all year long.
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Long live the Sanderson sisters.
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For creating some serious Silence of the Lambs vibes.
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Your coffee table deserves to get in on the action.
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Because you love your "potion," you sorceress, you.
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Who wants one evil eye when you can have three?
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So spooky.

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