Ban Breakup Blues: 7 Bombshells Prove The Best Is Yet To Come

The world is full of single people. They have friends, they work, they enjoy themselves. And yet, the image of the divorcée is still a pervasively negative one in American society. While ending a marriage may have gone through a period of women's liberation glam some years ago, these days, it often conjures up a sad picture of a sweatpants-clad spinster crying into her many cats while watching Real Housewives marathons. The whole idea that an ex-wife can do nothing but completely let herself go until she either dies alone or manages to change her fleeing husband's mind is pathetically outdated.
Lucky for the world, a number of beautiful, successful celebrities are debunking that stereotype left and right. While we're slightly reluctant to call these paparazzi targets the forefront of feminism, the truth is that women of all ages look up to these stars for cues on what's socially acceptable and desirable (there's a reason tabloids pay more than your life savings for those photos). They're mothers, actresses, and role models — inspiring personifications of the ideal that a woman can (and should!) be as happy with herself as she is with a mate on her arm. These focal points of the public eye are proving that there is life after marriage, and it has absolutely nothing to do with unwashed pajamas and uncouth amounts of ice cream. Hit the slideshow for seven gorgeous women proving the haters wrong. Here's to looking out for number one!

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