Carine Roitfeld Wants To Show You That "Fashion Can Be A Nice World"

Carine-Roitfeld-embedPhoto: Via the Guardian.
Carine Roitfeld is on a one-woman mission to prove that the fashion world isn't the nail-scratching, back-stabbing and genuinely terrifying place that one would assume from an overdose of Ugly Betty and Zoolander re-runs.
Mademoiselle C, a documentary focused on the former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief turned Harper's Bazaar global director, is released later this month, and in an interview with the Guardian, La Roitfeld claims that she wants to demonstrate that "fashion can be a nice world, if a bit crazy...I hope it shows you can be a mother in fashion, and that friendships are possible".
The film includes cameos from fashion high rollers Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace, as well as appearances from the achingly hip Roitfeld clan.
We're already mildly obsessed with Team Roitfeld, and documentary's insight into the family dynamic promises to be fascinating, if a tiny bit therapy couch-worthy. "They never tell me 'I love you', but I know it," Carine says in the interview. "When people hear my son say I'm a MILF… well, I hope they understand our sense of humour. We work seriously but don't take ourselves seriously."
Naturally the documentary is ripe for comparison with The September Issue, but it's clear that Mademoiselle C takes a totally different tact when it comes to portraying planet fashion. It does have one thing in common with La Wintour's documentary efforts: Mademoiselle C will be utterly compelling and unmissable viewing.

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