5 Playful Ways To Update Your Bun

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Although the classic ballerina and tossed-up top knot are always go-tos for quick and chic updo styles, the bun continues to reinvent itself season after season beyond these standard options. Add a braid, a little off-kilter placement, intertwine an extra twist or knot, give it a little tease, and the bun is transformed into a daytime accessory or one ready to carry you into a night out.

Read on for five of our favorite of-the-moment buns, with instructions for creating them at home.

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Photo: Richard Young/REX USA.
The Braid-Adorned Bun
This is a playful update on the traditional ballerina. Adding dimension to the look, it's a festival favorite with boho-chic appeal.

Start by taking a two-inch section from ear to ear, pinning it to the side. Then, pull the hair together into the bun. Tease strands for extra texture and volume. Once the bun is secure, unpin the hair in front of your face and begin braiding on the scalp from ear to ear. Keep braiding until you reach the other ear, and continue with a three-strand braid directed back toward the bun, all the way down.

Tie an elastic at the bottom. Slide the elastic down, and pull the braid apart to make it appear thicker. The braid should look like a headband in the front, and the rest should be wrapped around the bun and secured with a pin.
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The Knot Bun
This bun is super-simple and has an edgy, model-off-duty appeal. Start by pulling hair into a sleek, tight pony, securing with an elastic. Split the pony into two sections, and knot them together. Depending on the length of your hair, you can knot it more than once. Pin the sides down to secure and cover elastic.
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The Beehive
Start by smoothing hair and pulling it into a sleek pony. Next, hold the tail straight up in the air and tease evenly on all sides for ultimate texture and volume. Then, take the textured hair and wrap it into a messy, voluminous bun, adding pins along the way. The bigger the better for this fun, '60s-inspired take on the bun. For added texture and that whimsical, windblown look, pull out some face-framing strands.
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The Braided Center Bun
This is a classic doughnut bun with braids replacing the middle part. Start by pulling hair into a sleek pony and securing with an elastic. Separate the pony into three even sections. Turn each section into a three-strand braid, securing with an elastic. Slide the elastics down, and pull the braids apart to make them appear thicker. Wrap each braid in a circular motion around the elastic, and pin as you wrap to secure. This bun looks both intricate and effortless for the perfect day-to-night style.
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The Infinity Bun
This style gives an elegant twist to a classic, sleek bun. Pull the hair into a pony and secure with an elastic. Decide if you want to wear the bun vertically or horizontally, begin wrapping and twisting the hair into an S shape — pinning as you wrap — and tuck the final strand under to hide the ends. When your bun is complete, it should look like a figure-eight.

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