The Body Shape Guide You Haven't Seen Yet

Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
Season after season, women's magazines and online publications try to tell you how to dress for your specific body type — we've been guilty of it, too. But this time around, we heard you loud and clear: You're sick of having your figure compared to a fruit or a time-telling implement or a... lollipop? And we understand why. There aren't just 10 or 12 or 15 body shapes out there, and no two bodies are the same. So why should we act like they are?
To prove to you that no two are alike (and since we don't have the time or resources to cater to each and every one of you personally), we took a survey of R29 staffers and had them tell us how they would describe their own shapes, fruits and vegetables aside. The results were as specific as "Kardashian-lite" and "Mason Pearson hairbrush" — but what's important is that we're letting the ladies themselves do the describing. From there, we've offered our suggestions for clothes that best celebrate these women.

We hope you can see a little bit of yourself in some of the surveyed folks ahead, because we offered some sick styling tips to suit each one. Click on to shop by shape like never before, and feel free to let us know in the comments how you would describe your figure, so we can tackle it in the next go-round.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "I'm not sure exactly how to put this, but I feel like I have secret/invisible hips? Like, to look at me, you would NOT think I'd be hippy — I am a very long and lean lady — but it is so hard to find pants that fit, skirts I can actually pull up over my hips/butt, etc. Mystery hips? Ghost butt?"

The Recommendation: It sounds like you want to keep your eye out for things that fit and sit comfortably over your hips, while still showcasing your otherwise long and lean shape. Polished T-shirt dresses, pants with adjustable waists, and other super-elongating silhouettes (like a flowy tent shape), should be a great bet.
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Cecile Copenhagen Keffiyeh Cotton Short Sleeve Dress, $115.54, available at Farfetch.
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Adidas Diamond Jacquard Trackpant, $79, available at Adidas.
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Zacro Oversized Shirt Dress With Pleated Hem, $106, available at ASOS.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "I'm sort of an apple — I carry all my weight around my middle — but I don't have the chest to go with it (hello, 36A), and I have the carrot part of being tall with broad shoulders. Sometimes I feel like my body type is 'baby bump,' sans the pregnancy part. One does have to wonder, how do you minimize a midsection when you want to maximize your boobs?"

The Recommendation: Structured, high-waisted bottoms and pleated skirts are some of the easiest ways to elongate the legs. As for tops, we recommend a boxier cut or go with a tight, off-the-shoulder silhouette if you're looking for something more on-trend (braless, even), to show off your shoulders and "maximize" — as you said — your chest.
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Tibi Anson Stretch Cargo Pants, $365, available at Tibi.
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Reformation Bristol Top, $78, available at Reformation.
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& Other Stories High Waisted Pleated Skirt, $65, available at & Other Stories.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "I often describe my body as 'boobs on legs.' Just another way of saying my bust is obviously my largest proportion but also my torso is short. Sometimes I also say I have 'boy hips' because I lack an hourglass curve on my bottom half, and my hips are pretty much the same width of my mid-section."

The Recommendation: Look for silhouettes that bisect you at your smallest part. A solid colored top paired with bottoms in a bold color, print, or pattern will give your lower half more visual density. We also like the idea of giving your boobs the spotlight with an empire-waist slip dress that accentuates the top and flows away from the body toward the bottom. It's comfy, sexy, and practical, too — a triple threat!
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No Ka'Oi Manu Sleeveless Crop Top, $235, available at Moda Operandi.
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Mango Soft Fabric Trousers, $59.99 $29.99, available at Mango.
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Babaton Jacorey Dress, $115 $49.99, available at Aritzia.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "I generally feel like hippie J.Lo, with a curvaceousness that I try to keep low-key with boxy tops, unshaven armpits, leg hair, etc. Until recently, I couldn't even admit to myself that my boobs were larger than an A cup, which seems ridiculous now. The other thing is that my legs are very muscular from biking, so try as I might to masquerade as a stick of rhubarb, my butt and thighs are always kind of BAM, BAM, BAM, when I wear skinny jeans."

The Recommendation: If you want to stay low-key (which, if you don't, BAM, BAM, BAM sounds pretty good to us, too), swap out your skinny jeans for a relaxed, cropped trouser with a bit of a flare that will help balance out your hips. Instead of boxy tops, try a loose-fit silk tank. Another great option is a structured vest dress that gives you a polished, sophisticated look that accentuates the waist and is still chill enough for Casual Friday.
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StyleNanda High-Rise Pintucked Pants, $38, available at StyleNanda.
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Everlane Silk Tank, $58, available at Everlane.
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Hackwith Design House Kimmon Dress/Vest, $295 $250, available at Hackwith Design House.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "A flat-chested Kim Kardashian."

The Recommendation: If you're smaller on top but curvy everywhere else, look for silhouettes that are tight on top and loose everywhere else. But you can pair your tight crop top with fitted skirts, too — there's a reason Kim Kardashian has made pencil skirts one of her go-tos, and that reason is looking sick AF in them.
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Cienne Jacqueline Jumpsuit, $315, available at Cienne.
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Outdoor Voices Athena Crop, $50, available at Outdoor Voices.
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H&M Pencil Skirt With Zip, $34.99, available at H&M.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "Ballerina with swimmer's shoulders and a stomach pooch that just won't quit no matter how many crunches I do."

The Recommendation: Your muscular arms are going to look so, so good in a printed, sleeveless romper. Lean toward relaxed silhouettes and textured pieces that won't suffocate your midsection (and keep in mind that busy prints can provide an IRL filter to visually smooth you out).
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C/Meo Collective All Cried Out Spot Playsuit, $180, available at BKR.
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Stelen Texture Culottes, $58, available at Need Supply.
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Wilfred Free Volodina Jumpsuit, $195 $69.99, available at Aritzia.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "Winnie the Pooh with boobs: short limbs, big butt, round, petite, cheerful."

The Recommendation: Cropped tops and A-line silhouettes are your friend. And, don't be afraid to show off your assets in the new wave of bodycon that's laid-back instead of bandaged.
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Topshop The End Cropped Sweat, $50, available at Topshop.
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ASOS CURVE A-Line Skirt in Suede with Zip Detail $112 $67, available at ASOS.
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The Line By K Rori Dress, $89, available at The Line By K.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "Slathletic — strong, athletic, and slender. (There's probably a better amalgamation of those words that doesn't make me sound like I'm speaking Parseltongue.)"

The Recommendation: You can decide whether to play up your athletic build by sporting the bodysuit trend, or soften things up with flowing, drop-waist dresses or a silk pajama set (to be worn as streetwear, of course).
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Alix Astor Body, $135, available at Alix.
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Rachel Comey Vance Dress, $530, available at Avenue32.
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Olivia Van Halle Coco Silk-Satin Pajama Set, $214, available at The Outnet.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "I'd call myself Kardashian Lite, lol."

The Recommendation: For curves that are definitely all there, but might not be as famous, accentuate them with fitted styles that hit in all the right places, like a good pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, and tops and tees that are on the shrunken side.
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Are You Am I Lou Tee, $95, available at Are You Am I.
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J Brand Maria Deep Mulberry Burgundy Ankle Cuff Skinny Jeans, $286.60 $115.19, available at BrandOutlet.
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YSTR Margaux Bodysuit, $98, available at YSTR.
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Illustrated by Laura Callaghan.
The Shape: "A Mason Pearson hairbrush: super-curvy legs/butt/hips, small-ish waist, average size chest, slightly rounded but proportionally smaller shoulders. OR A (very) poor woman's Beyoncé, with smaller boobs, less junk in the trunk, and far less hours to devote to working out, alas."

The Recommendation: A structured midi-dress is going to look AMAZING on you. Your average-sized chest and proportionally smaller shoulders make us think you're going to look divine in this season's super-fun shoulder-boldening tops — and that you should consider a deep plunge, too, because why not?
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Loéil Maeve Dress, $75, available at Loéil.
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Zara Oriental Print Bodysuit, $39.90, available at Zara.
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StyleMafia Maeve Top, $69, available at StyleMafia.

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