Dylan, Brenda, & Kelly Get All Dolled Up With These Dope 90210 Cutouts!

“Distinguishing qualities: Popular. Emotionally damaged. Nose job. Morals: Loose. Hobbies: Likes to shop and apply makeup.” So describes Kelly Taylor of Beverly Hills, 90210, according to a 1991 article from the cult-teen mag Sassy. Along with short-and-not-so-sweet bios of the show’s leading characters, the vintage article — which was dug up by the folks over at Buzzfeed — features adorable paper dolls of the famed 90210 crew, including Brandon, Dylan, and Brenda.
Sassy hit the nail on the head with its spot-on wardrobe choices for each character: A striped shirt and ballet flats for Brenda, the practical gal of the gang, and a notepad for Brandon, the determined journalist. And of course, you can’t forget the all-important extras: Keys to a convertible for Dylan, unlimited credit cards for Kelly, and — the telltale sign that this hails from the ‘90s — a portable cassette player for Brandon. The show might’ve been one of the most beloved and iconic things to come out of the decade, but the tape player? We’ll hang on to our iPods, thank you very much! Revisit all of your favorite SoCal high schoolers at the link. (Buzzfeed)
Photo: Via Buzzfeed

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