5 Temporary Wallpapers For The New Year

Are holiday decorations making you think the walls in your apartment look a little drab? Since winter won't be ending anytime soon, you'll be staring at them for quite a while. But, we've got a solution: temporary wallpaper.
This home decorating option has come a long way in the last few years, and there are so many modern and eye-catching options these days. Ahead, we pulled five of our favorite designs that are easy to install and will give your home a makeover before the New Year.
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Spring may be a long way off, but we can pretend.

Flavor Paper EZ Papes Blanc, $300 per roll, available at Flavor Paper.
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Bring red into your space for some warmer energy.

Tempaper Digital Art WA109, $8.25 per square foot, available at Tempaper Designs.
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Go graphic or go home. This pattern kills on an accent wall.

Wallpaper Projects Graphic Print, price upon request, available at Wallpaper Projects.
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This print is perfect for a hallway and gives a nod to Willa Wonka.

Flat Vernacular Sticker Paper, $1,500 per roll, available at Flat Vernacular.
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Go bold with a peacock pattern in the powder room.

Design Your Wall Peacock Feathers, $84 per roll, available Design Your Wall.

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