The Best Skirts To Wear On A Windy Day

All it takes is one strong breeze, friends. One unexpected gust of wind and the fabric of your A-line skirt is suddenly swaying in every direction: up, to the side — you-name-it. You’re left manically clutching everywhere, hoping no one is staring and pointing in your direction. Meanwhile, Mother Nature is undoubtedly enjoying a good chuckle at our expense.
Our Marilyn moments are nowhere near as graceful or sexy as the original's. And, it’s the last thing we want to reenact on our commute to work. In this case, planning a preemptive outfit for the weather is actually possible. If 20 MPH winds are in the forecast, you can either forgo skirts altogether or choose a style that'll stay put. If it's the latter, fluted hems are a great place to start. Bonus: They'll add some much-needed flair to your 9-to-5. Click ahead to see our suggestions.

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