Bikini Babe Hall Of Fame: 25 Insanely Hot Bods

Update: This story was originally published on March 17, 2012. But, in honor of another summer officially being on its way, we've added 10 more women who inspire us to slip into our swimwear and own it in a major way. Click ahead for 25 forever-rad beach babes.
Whether you've been hitting the elliptical or indulging at that pudding place down the block, or both, all winter long, the thought of stripping down to a bikini in public for the first time in months can be somewhat jarring.
Just in case you need a little push, we're here to boost your swimsuit confidence and galvanize your prep with some inspiration in the form of 15 babes who redefine the word "bikini bod." While the body types here run the gamut, one thing is constant: Each woman is confident and sexy — exactly the things we want to be when we hit the sand. These 15 ladies look so darn comfortable, happy, and gorgeous in their bikinis, they're amping us up for our own swimsuit debut.
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Photo: Courtesy of Vogue.
Gisele Bundchen — The Brazilian supermodel is one of the most familiar bodies (and faces) in modeling today, and is credited with ending the reign of the waifs.
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Photo: Courtesy of MGM.
Halle Berry — True, our swimsuits may not come with a knife holster, but of all the Bond girls, we were probably most simultaneously in awe and in fear of Halle Berry. Girl could damage!
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Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
Phoebe CatesFast Times At Ridgemont High was a seminal teenage flick, and if this outdoor fantasy pool scene taught us anything, it's to always remember to knock first.
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Photo: Fame Pictures.
Rihanna — Lately, Rihanna seems to be splitting her time between the stage, the studio, and the beach... and we can't decide what we're most jealous of: the sandy locales she frequents, the awesome swimsuits she sports, or that bod.
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Cheryl Tiegs — In the '70s, every suburban boy had this poster hanging above his bed. This image of Cheryl Tiegs made the pink bikini as infamous as a yellow, polka-dot one. If that Beach Boys song didn't make it clear to you that there was something special about California girls, Cheryl probably can.
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Photo: BRJ/Fame Pictures.
Ciara — If you aren't a Ciara fan, take a moment, watch this video, and then get back to us. The woman is a bewitching dancer, and all those hours clocked in the studio really show.
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Photo: Andy O'Brien/Splash News.
Elle MacPherson — At 47, Elle MacPherson is still known by the moniker given to her in the '80s, "The Body." With her Stretch Armstrong proportions and sun-kissed hair, Elle might as well have been born on the beach. It's where she belongs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia — When Princess Leia is abducted by Jabba the Hut and made his slave, she got a pretty rockin' outfit, as far as slave outfits in the movies are concerned. Too bad the skirt would make surfside frolicking a drag; We'd totally wear this to the beach.
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Photo: Everett Collection/Rex USA.
Bettie Page — Donning lingerie, those bangs, a whip, and blindfolds, Bettie Page was the dark sheep of the pin-up girl community. But check out those abs — if all that posing contributed to a washboard set, we might have to do some side lunges ourselves.
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Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
Kate Bosworth — Ms. Bosworth's breakout role in Blue Crush made every girl want to pick up a surfboard instead of a Barbie. Achieving that stomach though, might even be more difficult than learning to stand upright on a board for the first time.
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Photo: Moviestore Collection/Rex/Rex USA.
Nicolette Sheridan — In The Sure Thing Nicolette Sheridan might have been the nameless California super-babe to John Cusack's fresh-faced Gib. But the only thing we really remember is that Nicolette might be the only person to make that slingshot bikini bottom actually look good.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sports Illustrated.
Crystal Renn — Whether a size 2, a size 16, or a size 8, Crystal Renn's body has been a point of conversation for a while now. But whatever number the label on her dress may read, she always looks stellar. And we're definitely not alone in feeling that way: Sports Illustrated recently ran an editorial featuring the lovely lady at her current, beautiful size.
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Gwen Stefani — It was the '90s. Wearing fuzzy bikini tops as shirts was the norm, and Gwen Stefani was the champion of this Care-Bears-gone-spring-break look. We think Gwen's only gotten more gorgeous with age, as the mother of two [Ed note: now three!] still favors bikinis over one-pieces.
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Photo: Ron C Angle/BEImages.
Serena Williams — As far as super women are concerned, Serena Williams takes the cake. As the No. 1 ranked women's tennis player in the world, Serena also pretty much kills it in the surf as well.
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Photo: Pichichi-Garces/Splash News.
Kelly Ripa — A teeny, tiny ball of muscle, grit, and spunk, Kelly Ripa is the definition of a modern woman, with a full-time job, an awesome family, and a rigorous health regimen. This is what doing — and having — it all, will do to a body!
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Photo: REX USA.
Ursula Andress — While Halle Berry did the role justice later on, it was Andress' famous appearance in 1962's Dr. No that first made Bond-Girl history. The knife-on-the-hip accessory may be a bit over-the-top for the everyday gal, but we'll argue that, in this case, it works.
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Rihanna — Yes, RiRi technically makes the list twice. But, it's hardly our fault — the girl really knows how to vacation. And, during last July's jaunt in Poland, the songstress won us over with her powder-blue bikini, as well as the best use of accessories. Belly chains, mesh, and visors FTW.
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Marilyn Monroe — In 1947, it was only a year after Norma Jean Baker began to be known as Marilyn Monroe and several years before she would go on to create the films she's loved for today. And, this coquettish snap from that year of the not-yet-blonde Marilyn in a striped, skirted two-piece is forever one of our faves.
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Photo: Via @Beyonce.
Beyoncé — You could call it the "self-promotion bikini;" also known as the Instagram bikini. And, really there's nothing wrong with a little self-created spotlight when you're mighty proud of the body that you have, just like the Queen herself.
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Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
Angelina Jolie — There's only one word to wholly and accurately describe the bikini that goes down in Lara Croft history: badass.
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Photo: Trinity Mirror/Alamy.
Brigitte Bardot — It was just last week that marked 61 years since an 18-year-old Bardot caused controversy with this floral, strapless two-piece as she stepped onto the beach at Cannes. If that's not a testament to the power of an amazing suit, then, really, what is?
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Photo Courtesy of A24 Films.
The Cast of Spring BreakersOur college spring breaks might have consisted of visits to our grandparents or getting our wisdom teeth removed, but we could certainly appreciate the wild, perhaps unlikely, ride the undergrads of Spring Breakers took us on — all while in coordinating neon suits, we'll add.
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Photo: Rex USA.
Pam Grier — Macrame moments in fashion may come and go, but Grier's set from 1973's Coffy is a bikini-babe moment we'll cherish forever.
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Photo: Courtesy of GabiFresh.
Gabi Gregg — The blogger behind GabiFresh not only looks amazing when it comes to beach-ready gear, she's also been one of the most powerful advocates of body-positivity. Coining the term "fatkini," and then going on to actually create her own line of them, Gregg is the kind of babe who means serious business.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sports Illustrated.
Kate Upton — We've got to give Upton some serious credit — not just for working her curvy bikini body onto several Sports Illustrated appearances, but for her determination as she stood up to bone-chilling temps for the sake of this very cover shot.

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