Fashion That Looks Better Beat-Up And Broken In

Close your eyes and think about the one item in your closet that you find yourself wearing the most frequently, because you love it....
Chances are, you didn't just visualize that new pair of stilettos you bought last month, the cocktail dress you splurged on, or even the studded collar you obsessed over all winter. If you're envisioning that super-soft T-shirt you've had for years, that brown belt you've paired with everything from dresses to trouser, or the denim jacket your older brother gave you that one Christmas, join the club.
With all the focus on all that's shiny and new on this site, we sometimes forget about the stuff in our closets that looks better when it's been beat-up and broken-in. Click through to see the pieces we've had forever — and tell us, what are we forgetting?

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