38 Million Bangladesh Workers May Get A Wage Increase Next Week

A couple months since the devastating Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, it seems that real-world changes will finally start taking place next week. While the labor-safety accord hasn't been agreed upon and implemented yet, a nationwide wage increase might begin taking place next week, as the Bangladesh government will decide on a revised pay scale that will affect 38 million workers. Currently, the minimum worker salary was raised by 80% to $38/month in 2010, which is 25% below the 2012 national average of approximately $48/month.
The rest of the concerns about worker safety and rights will come out of the safety accord that 84 Western brands and retailers — including PVH Corp., Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Sean John, and American Eagle Outfitters Inc. (the only four from the U.S.A.) — are involved with. Among a slew of fire and safety agreements, the accords will also deal with codes of conduct, investing more money in safety infrastructures, among others. (WWD)
bangladesh-industriallPhoto: Courtesy of IndustriALL

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