The Best S.F. Apps To Maximize Your 2015 Goals

We’ve downed Champagne, stolen midnight kisses, danced our asses off, and had the hangover of the century. Now, it's time to really get started on those New Year goals. But, if you've gotten off to a slow start, don't worry — you still have a chance.

It’s 2015, after all, and there are technologies, apps, and services out there to help us stay on track. Gone are the days when cheesy workout videos were the only way to lose those last 10 pounds, and saving money meant shoving singles into a porcelain piggy bank.

With these apps, you’ll be able to get fit, stretch your mind, organize your digital life, cook more healthily, save more money, discover new things in your city, and maybe even stop drunk-texting your ex. And, just to get really meta, there’s even an app to help you stay on top of your resolutions. Let’s do this.

Photo: Courtesy of Goji.
The App: Goji
The Resolution: Try new things

Want to find new things to do in your neighborhood? Meet the location-based social network Goji. It's a keyboard app that allows you to suggest activities to friends, using emojis. The app itself makes the suggestions depending on the time of the day, what you want to do, and of course, location. It's a really fun, easy way to explore the many adventures just waiting to be had in S.F.
Photo: Courtesy of Food52.
The App: Food52
The Resolution: Cook more

If your New Year's resolution is to entertain and cook more, Food52’s party-planning app is a must-have. The app includes easy-to-make recipes themed around holidays and events (i.e., the Super Bowl), and also has step-by-step instructions for each one. Food52 also offers an app called Hotline, which allows you to post questions about recipes within a foodie community and get fast, personalized answers. Consider your next meal planned.
Photo: Courtesy of Calm.
The App: Calm
The Resolution: Chill out

With the rat race that is our day-to-day lives, taking some time to relax can be beneficial for our health and our souls — but it's not always easy to do. Still, if this is one your 2015 goals, you're in luck. Calm provides seven free, guided meditations for up to 30 minutes, complete with relaxing sounds and nature scenes. Now, doesn't that sound nice?
Photo: Courtesy of Balanced.
The App: Balanced
The Resolution: Keep your resolutions

Now that you have all your New Year's resolutions set in place, you need an app organizer to help you achieve them. Because, let's be real — you're already en route to breaking all of them. Balanced lets you input all your goals, track progress, and create reminders for targets. So, you'll be one of the few who actually keep them. We could get on board with this.
Photo: Courtesy of LastPass.
The App: LastPass
The Resolution: Password organization

Organizing your digital life starts with LastPass. You create one password with the app, and it will fill in all your logins across email, social sites, and more whenever you need them. You can create profiles to fill shopping forms and even use the app to generate strong, safe passwords. Life-saver? We think so.
Photo: Courtesy of Lumosity.
The App: Lumosity
The Resolution: Strengthen your mind

Let’s face it — reality TV, Facebook, and Instagram are not making us smarter. But, it is possible to challenge our minds, even while hovering over our phones and tablets. Lumosity can help you stretch your brain in a big way. Created by neuroscientists, the app's games are designed to exercise your mind’s memory, attention, and other crucial functions. So, next time you're riding BART, skip the Candy Crush and illuminate your gray matter instead.
Photo: Courtesy of
The App: About.Me
The Resolution: Find a new job

The first step to finding a new job is creating an awesome résumé. is the online résumé of the future, allowing you to add job experiences as well as personal stories, your Twitter feeds, videos, photos, and more.
Photo: Courtesy of Drunk Lock.
The App: Drunk Lock
The Resolution: Stop drunk dialing

Drunk Lock prevents you from making those embarrassing, booze-induced calls or text messages. Come on, you know the ones. Once you enable Drunk Lock, you won’t be able to send texts, Tweets, Facebook messages, calls, and even Snapchat messages unless you answer a series of math problems — which we all know isn't easy after tossing a few back. For those of you who are math Olympiads, you can even designate harder levels of questions.
Photo: Courtesy of Rise.
The App: Rise
The Resolution: Lose weight

Losing weight is among the most popular resolutions, but after you use Rise, it may be the last time it lands on your list. The app will pair you with a nutritionist who will give you a personalized diet plan developed around your goals and medical history, and will track your meals daily. Accountability and personalization may help explain how some Rise users have lost more than 50 pounds since the app's launch in February.
Photo: Courtesy of Munchery.
The App: Munchery
The Resolution: Eat healthier

We can fully admit that each year, we resolve to eat healthier but never do, because, well, who has the time to cook? For as little as $10 a day, Munchery can provide you with a healthy meal, cooked by a local chef and delivered to your door. So easy! Menus change every day, and you can even filter according to meals that are low-carb or wheat-free.
Photo: Courtesy of Sunrise.
The App: Sunrise
The Resolution: Work organization

Sunrise is one of those apps that makes you feel more organized and prepared with little effort. The app integrates with Google Calendar, iCloud, or Exchange, and will not only remind you of your events and meetings, but will also show you faces and profiles of people you are meeting with via LinkedIn, the weather forecast for the day, Facebook events, and much more.
Photo: Courtesy of Strava.
The App: Strava
The Resolution: Get serious about exercise

Sometimes, just setting a goal to exercise isn’t enough. Strava’s app will automatically track your running and cycling rides using the GPS in your phone. And, you can join other challenges, check out alternative routes in your area, and share photos. You can even compare your times and routes with friends and compete with others virtually.
Photo: Courtesy of Evernote.
The App: Evernote
The Resolution: Write more

You can use Evernote in so many interesting ways — including as a journal. Record your thoughts in one place, but access them across devices, add photos and links, and even create designated notebooks for certain topics.
Photo: Courtesy of Sosh.
The App: Sosh
The Resolution: Be an urban explorer

Want to explore your own city? Getting out is easy with Sosh, a city guide available on iOS and Android. The app, which is currently available in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Washington D.C., is essentially a digital activities concierge, geared toward helping users discover food trucks, concerts, outdoor activities, festivals, and more. Time to get busy!
Photo: Courtesy of Goodreads.
The App: Goodreads
The Resolution: Become a bookworm

If reading more is one of your New Year's resolutions, Goodreads is a must-download. The app allows you to find books based on what you’ve read, favorite genres, and even what friends are reading. You can add books to a "to read" shelf and access thousands of free tomes.
Photo: Courtesy of Quit Smoking
The App: Quit Smoking
The Resolution: Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is consistently one of the top New Year's resolutions — but it's also one of the hardest to keep. The Quit Smoking app will offer you a gradual program based on your specific smoking patterns and statistics of other users on the app. It even shows how much money you're saving. You can also track your daily cigarette consumption, too. Time to put those butts out.
Photo: Courtesy of Transit.
The App: Transit
The Resolution: Take public transportation more

Not only does taking public transportation help you save money, it also helps out the environment by cutting down on driving. Transit will display all transportation options, including public transport, bike shares, or even Ubers in 80-something cities. You can see when a bus or train is arriving or plan a route. Getting around just got way more streamlined.
Photo: Courtesy of LearnVest.
The App: LearnVest
The Resolution: Save money

Saving money is hard, and figuring out what to do with your money can be even harder. But, LearnVest is hoping to change this. The company is making personal financial planning affordable by allowing you to access professionals who will monitor your savings and spending and create a personal budget for you based on your needs. So, say goodbye to that sack of singles under the mattress.
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