18 Times Unnecessarily Gendered Food Products Made Us Facepalm

This story was originally published on March 7, 2017.

Food: it's for humans. But generations of marketing has lead us to associate certain foods, like salads or steaks, with either men or women. So what if a man wants to eat yogurt? Or a woman wants to enjoy whiskey? The only answer (at least according to countless brands and marketers) is to create a product so aggressively gendered, there's no question that it's totally approved for their consumption. Otherwise, men might cower in fear that even attempting to drink wine could cause some gender-based type of allergic reaction.

Of course, there are plenty of dudes who just eat regular ole nut mixes, and many, many women who enjoy beer without having allusions to high heels on them. Which is why, when we see unnecessarily gendered products, we face palm — hard. Ahead, 18 times gendered foods made us want to laugh out loud — but also scream.

Photo: Courtesy of Powerful Yogurt.
Powerful Yogurt
If Gaston from Beauty And The Beast decided to switch over from eating dozens of raw eggs for breakfast, we'd bet he'd choose something like Powerful Yogurt, whose high protein count and bull-themed packaging makes it totally acceptable for men.
Luna Bars
Originally decorated with designs of women dancing in front of the moon (likely in some kind of lady-ritual), Luna bars are for women because they have "awesome ingredients and decadent flavors," apparently gender-specific desires.
Photo: Courtesy of High Heel Brewing.
High Heel Brewing
Beer: if only it reminded ladies of shoes more! Then we'd drink it! (Because shoes, amirite, ladies?!)
Photo: Courtesy of Whiskey Girl.
Whiskey Girl
All my women who love whiskey, join me in a collective eye-roll.
Photo: Courtesy of Total Wine And More.
Little Black Dress Vodka
Then again, there are plenty of boozes that are typically associated with women that also get their own pink treatment, too. Little Black Dress Vodka was released in 2012, and appears to have quickly fizzled out afterwards.
Photo: Courtesy of Donut King.
The Bronut
Australian chain Donut King introduced the "bronut" for a limited time back in 2014. And what, pray tell, makes a plain ole' doughnut worthy of bros? Apparently stacking them on top of each other. Y'know, for man-sized hands and appetites. (But seriously, bros, that looks like a sugar crash waiting to happen...)
Cowgirl Bark
Like cowboy bark, but 100% pinker! Et tu, Trader Joes?
Ladies aren't the only people that need tricking into drinking booze. Apparently, men who have, for years, avoided wine because they can't crush it back like their favorite brews can finally partake. No sissy wine glass required! MANCAN!
Photo: Courtesy of organicgirl.
Never eat gender-neutral spring greens again.
Photo: Courtesy of GoGirl.
GoGirl Energy Drinks
We can only assume this is specially formulated to address the exhaustion that comes from contemplating the wage gap.

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Dr. Pepper TEN
Zero-calorie sodas have long been associated with women. But not Dr. Pepper TEN, whose original advertising explicitly said it's not for us ladies. And to prove it's not your girlfriend's diet drink, there are TEN whole manly calories there, too.
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Pocky Men's Chocolate
We were going to say something about chocolate being universally good, but, actually, we'll just let the absurdity of men's Pocky sink in for a minute.
Men's Bread
Men's Bread is no longer made by French Meadow Bakery, perhaps because no bread can be strong enough for man-hands not to crush...
An oldie but goodie, Yorkies have been "not for girls" since 1976. There was, in 2006, briefly a version "for girls" (it was pink, duh). Talk about great moments in women's history.
Photo: Courtesy of Planter's.
Planter's NUT-rition Men'sHealth
Do you think Mr. Peanut feels extra manly printed on this man-only can of nuts?
Planter's NUT-rition Women'sHealth
Don't worry, ladies, we have our own nut mix for our health, too.
Mammoth Supply Co.
While there isn't anything explicitly gendered about Mammoth Supply Co's packaging, just take a look at their slogan: "Men, our world has changed." The coffees and protein drinks promise to help men commune with their "pointy stick-holding forefathers." Ah yes, the good ole days, when men were men, we had just discovered fire, and were all in danger of being eaten by saber-tooth tigers.
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