18 Times Unnecessarily Gendered Food Products Made Us Facepalm

This story was originally published on March 7, 2017.
Food: it's for humans. But generations of marketing has lead us to associate certain foods, like salads or steaks, with either men or women. So what if a man wants to eat yogurt? Or a woman wants to enjoy whiskey? The only answer (at least according to countless brands and marketers) is to create a product so aggressively gendered, there's no question that it's totally approved for their consumption. Otherwise, men might cower in fear that even attempting to drink wine could cause some gender-based type of allergic reaction.
Of course, there are plenty of dudes who just eat regular ole nut mixes, and many, many women who enjoy beer without having allusions to high heels on them. Which is why, when we see unnecessarily gendered products, we face palm — hard. Ahead, 18 times gendered foods made us want to laugh out loud — but also scream.

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