8 NYC Restaurants & Dishes You Need To Try This Month

New York City's food scene is fierce with a capital F. Although we try our best to stay on top of all the new and noteworthy trends, it's frighteningly easy to lose focus and fall behind (tbh, we're still reeling over Flamin' Hot Cheetos Ice Cream). But instead of trying to overload our senses, we're making things more manageable by rounding up eight dishes and/or restaurants to try this month. Included are new trends, old favorites, and fun ways to celebrate the season.

Ahead we try eight NYC restaurants that you won't want to miss this month. Scroll on to take a peek and plan your very own visit to a Marie Antionette-inspired speakeasy, shave some table side shawarma, sip a flaming s'mores scorpion bowl, and more.

edited by Christina Dun.
Sugar East
This UES speakeasy serves up one giant shareable cocktail in a teacup-adorned punchbowl called the "Coffee & S'mores." The creation is made from a mixture of St. Germain, vodka, Coco Lopez, Aperol, cinnamon bark syrup, espresso shots, Prosecco, and then finished off with an absinthe flaming center shot and ready-to-roast marshmallow skewers.

Sugar East, 1125 1st Avenue (at E. 62nd Street); 212-832-4610.
edited by Christina Dun.
Brooklyn Cider House
Calling all cider lovers: The BK Cider House in Bushwick boasts a massive community space, Basque-inspired five-course dining, and raw cider that's drinkable straight from the tap (or purchasable by the bottle).

Brooklyn Cider House, 1100 Flushing Avenue (at Varick Avenue); 347-295-0308.
edited by Christina Dun.
Au Za'atar
Stop by this East Village restaurant that serves up Middle Eastern fare with French influences for a slice-your-own, table-side shawarma. The meat spit cooks and spins at your table and, most importantly, comes complete with a full fixings spread of pita, fries, veggies, and sauces for stuffing.

Au Za'atar, 188 Avenue A (at E. 12th Street); 212-254-5660.
edited by Christina Dun.
International Wings Factory
If you're seriously into wings, then this UES destination deserves a spot on your must-eat list. Like a bonafide chicken wing library, IWF offers a massive range of flavors, dipping sauces, and toppings; ranging from American Gold, to Garlic Parmesan Beurre Blanc, Sichuan Chili Garlic, Black Pepper Teriyaki, and many more.

International Wings Factory, 1762 1st Avenue (at E. 92nd Street); 212-348-2627.
edited by Christina Dun.
Bluestone Lane
Aside from the killer avocado toast, Bluestone Lane also has a lineup of artful lattes to offer Instagram-thirsty (and just regularly thirsty) customers. Their bright and bold new Wellness trio is made up of the Golden Latte (espresso, almond milk, turmeric, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and sea salt), the Beetroot Latte (espresso, almond milk, beetroot powder, cacao powder), and the Matcha Latte (espresso, almond milk, and green tea powder).

Bluestone Lane, multiple locations within Manhattan and Brooklyn.
edited by Christina Dun.
Egghead doles out more than their namesake, majorly savory and stacked egg sandwich options — this breakfast spot is also currently serving up potato hash browns that are stuffed with melty cheese and fried until golden, crispy, gooey perfection.

Egghead, 485 7th Avenue (at W. 37th Street); 212-268-0988.
edited by Christina Dun.
Le Boudoir
Can't get enough of secretive, off-the-grid dining and drinking destinations? Wish you lived in the age of Marie Antionette excess? Well then, stop by Le Boudoir for your fill. The speakeasy space tucked below BK's Chez Moi restaurant is modeled after Antionette's boudoir in Versailles.

Le Boudoir, 135 Atlantic Avenue (between Henry and Clinton Street); 347-227-8337.
edited by Christina Dun.
Tang Hotpot
Haven't had hotpot? Tang's in NYC is the place to try it. This traditional Sichuan-style soup is served as a giant pot of simmering broth accompanied by a slew of savory raw sides to select, submerge, and cook yourself right at the table.

Tang Hotpot, 135 Bowery (between Grand and Broome Street); 917-421-9330.
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