Cool Siblings In Hollywood You DIDN'T Know About

Update: In honor of National Sibling Day, we figured it's a great time to take a look at the talented relatives your favorite stars have stashed away in their family trees.

This story was originally published on March 31, 2015: Spoiler alert: Your favorite celebs were not sprung, fully formed, from the Hollywood Hills, ready to be seen on screen. The tabloids have one thing right. When it comes to family, stars really are just like us. They have parents! And, siblings with different careers! We know you’re aware of this, but it’s always interesting to meet the family members who know a completely different side of today’s biggest stars.

These under-the-radar siblings may not be as well-known as their celebrity brothers and sisters, but they helped shape your favorite stars into the people we know and love. Plus, they're pretty darn cool on their own accord. Ahead, get to know the brothers and sisters you never knew these stars had. It's a regular family reunion up in here.

Rashida & Kidada Jones

Though Rashida Jones is the more recognizable offspring of music producer Quincy Jones and model Peggy Lipton, her sister Kidada is accomplished as well. Since 2005, Kidada Jones has been a fashion designer for Disney Couture. She was also engaged to Tupac Shakur until his death in 1996.
Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron.
Ryan & Mandi Gosling
Before he was plucked from Canadian obscurity to join the Mickey Mouse Club, Ryan and his older sister Mandi used to perform together at weddings and in talent shows. Ryan also credits his sister and mother with defining his personality.

“I feel like I think like a woman, because I grew up with my mother and my sister so I've just been programmed to think like a girl," Gosling says. "I'm attracted to films that have strong female characters because there are strong female characters in my life. That's my own reality so it's a doorway into a world for me."
Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.
Tom & Eddie Redmayne
You already know about the Oscar-winning actor, but say hello to his equally handsome brother Tom. After attending Eton and Durham University, Tom Redmayne went into business management, specifically real estate. He currently works for commercial property and real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield.

In addition to Tom, Eddie has an older brother named James, a half-brother (Charles), and a half-sister (Annabel).
Photo: Via @giseleofficial.
Gisele & Patricia Bündchen
Gisele's fraternal twin sister tried her hand at modeling when she was younger, but today she's Gisele's manager. The two have four more sisters.
Photo: Via @michaelbjordan.
Michael B. & Jamila Jordan
Michael B. Jordan's older sister Jamila is a producer, who's currently working on Ink Master. The two are extremely close; he recently shared this adorable #tbt snap with the caption, "Without a sister and I against the world! "

On Oprah's Next Chapter, Jordan says his attitude towards women was heavily shaped by his sister. "I have a sister. I never really wanted to do females wrong. You can't act like that," the actor tells Oprah. "So, you don't want to treat any woman any differently than you'd want a man to treat your sister," Oprah says. "One hundred and ten percent," Jordan agrees.
Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.
Tom & Emma Hiddleston
Tom's younger sister Emma is also an actress with five IMDb credits to her name. His older sister Sarah is a journalist in India.
Photo: Via @zacefron.
Dylan & Zac Efron
This is not a drill: There are TWO handsome, chiseled Efrons in this world with enough abs to fill a 12-pack. Dylan Efron is also something of a poet, having written this cheeky rhyme about his older movie-star brother when he was in sixth grade.
Doug & Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt's younger brother (by three years), Doug, is a businessman and philanthropist who lives in Springfield, Missouri, with his wife and three kids. He made headlines in 2012 when an ad he made for Virgin Mobile Australia went viral. In the ad, he refers to himself as the "second most-famous Pitt," which might bother Brad and Doug's sister, Julie, a little bit.
Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron.
Scarlett & Hunter Johansson
Scarlett's three-minutes-younger fraternal twin brother also dabbled in acting when the two were younger. These days, he's more politically inclined. After working as a community organizer for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer in New York, Hunter moved to Denver to help organize President Obama's campaign.
Laura & Sarah Silverman
Laura, who's four years older, has appeared as a fictionalized version of herself alongside her comedian sister in Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic and on The Sarah Silverman Program. You may recognize her as Jane the producer on The Comeback, a role she'll be reviving when the show returns to HBO. Laura is also a well-known voice actress, having appeared on programs like Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Bob's Burgers, and Adventure Time.
Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron.
Liam, Luke, & Chris Hemsworth
Bonus Hemsworth is actually the eldest of the strapping bunch — he just hasn't broken through on our shores. Luke Hemsworth got his start on the Australian soap Neighbours, but he became disillusioned with the entertainment biz. He opened a timber flooring business, where both Chris and Liam have worked, and is married with two daughters. Now that his brothers have made it in Hollywood, Luke is trying his hand at acting again.
Photo: BEImages/Henry Lamb.
Hallie & Jesse Eisenberg
People who grew up in the '90s will recognize Jesse Eisenberg's little sister as the "Pepsi Girl," from a series of commercials that was the pre-Internet equivalent of going viral and made the dimpled, curly-haired Hallie a national star. Cut to almost two decades later, when Americans are more familiar with Hallie's brother, Jesse. The two both appeared in 2010's Holy Rollers.
Lee Anne DeVette & Tom Cruise
Cruise's older sister has served as his publicist on and off for most of his career.
Chloë Grace Moretz and Trevor Duke-Moretz
You probably recognize Chloë's stylish brother Trevor from her Instagram and red carpet photos. He's also an actor, but he helped his sister get her start in the business by serving as her coach. These days, he accompanies Chloë on the job.
Photo: Paul McConnell/Getty Images.
Felicity & Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt set her sister up with her Devil Wears Prada costar Stanley Tucci, and the two wed in 2012. But, that’s not what makes Felicity cool. She’s also a literary agent in both the U.K. and the U.S. who sits on the board for the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction.
Photo: BEImages/Alex Berliner.
Aimee Osbourne (with parents Sharon & Ozzy)
Yes, Kelly and Jack Osbourne have an older sister. Aimee Osbourne opted out of the family's mega hit reality show because, as she explained in a rare interview: "I'm not some weirdo depressed daughter that's afraid of the world and locks herself in her room all day; I just didn't choose to do the show. I want to be a singer, and I felt if I'd stayed with the Osbournes and done the whole thing I would have been typecast right away. [Mum] was hurt and we definitely had a tough time with disagreements. I'm more reserved and my private life is very important."
Photo: BEImages/Jim Smeal.
Lupita & Peter Nyong'o
The actress' younger brother accompanied her to the Oscars and may have even upstaged her in Ellen's famous selfie. In addition to being a student and an athlete, Peter is kind of an Instagram master.
Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron.
Colin & Claudine Farrell
Colin Farrell's older sister works as his personal assistant.
Photo: Via The Tonight Show.
Scott & Chris Evans
Captain America's younger brother is also an actor, and here they are being adorable playing "The Sibling-wed Game" on The Tonight Show.
Photo: Via @yourgirlchuck.
Lana Del Rey & Chuck Grant
Lana Del Rey's sister Chuck (real name: Caroline) Grant is a talented photographer who's worked with the likes of Marie Claire, New York Magazine, The Man Repeller, and Vanity Fair. She's photographed her sister on several occasions, but Nylon recently turned the tables by having Lana photograph and interview her sister for a feature on her work.
Photo: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic.
Dave, James, and Tom Franco
You know about Dave and James Franco. They're both actors, and James does some other things on the side (many, many things). But, there's a third Franco floating around out there, and he may be the most creative one of them all. Middle brother Tom is a sculptor, painter, and illustrator who has an art collective with five locations in California. He also collaborates with their mom, Betsy, on books.
Photos: REX USA/Rex.
Penelope & Monica Cruz
Penelope and her younger sister grew up dancing — Penelope did ballet, and Monica did ballet and flamenco. From there, they both became actresses. Monica also served as Penelope's stand-in when she was pregnant during Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
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