The Plus-Sized World’s Answer To Net-A-Porter

While there are more stylish options for women over size 14 than ever before, the fashion industry still has a long way to go. Plus-sized women (this author included) just want the same choices everyone else has. This means edgy designs, architectural shapes, and high-end styles. And, we don't need everything to be “flattering” — trying to disguise some theoretical flaws that the industry seems to think we have with gobs of ruching, slimming panels, and the like. So, where can a plus-sized woman find fashion-forward clothes she craves?

Enter Navabi, the German website devoted to bringing designer fashion to women sizes 14 to 30. With an assortment of labels like Roberto Cavalli White, Manon Baptiste, Maxima, and Elena Miro, no other site currently offers what Navabi does — and it's about time we got a luxury e-commerce place (and monthly digital magazine) of our own. It might still be far from the expansiveness of Net-A-Porter, but it's a step in that direction.


But, babes on a budget, be warned: This is probably not the place for you. With the average price well above $100, Navabi focuses on high-quality garments. “There are a number of stores and websites that have lower-priced offerings, but we are unique in offering premium, plus-size fashion,” explained Miriam Lahage, the company's global strategic adviser. “We cater to plus-sized women who love their fashion and have a budget to spend on something that they really love. We believe our customers want all the looks every other woman has in her wardrobe, just designed with the body shape in mind. Navabi is into quality fashion, not throwaway fashion.”

Want a taste of what to expect? Click through a hand-picked selection of styles we're currently lusting over, and let us know what's on your wish list in the comments.

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