8 Floral Fragrances For When You Just Want To Smell Like Spring

Spring has long been considered the season of new growth, a harbinger of positive change and possibilities, the time of year when everything is born again.

Emerging from the safety of your bedroom after a long winter can feel a bit like being resurrected (like Jesus, on Easter), or resurfacing from the underworld (like Persephone, whose annual return would bring fresh flower blossoms), or at least waking up from a very long sleep: wide-eyed, bewildered, as if you're seeing everything around you for the very first time. Where do you even begin?


Start by shaking the cobwebs out. Take off that turtleneck; you won't be needing it where we're going. Say "what up?" to the sun, and your pasty arms, for the first time in six months. Once that first 65-degree day of the season hits and you exchange your dark winter mood for a sundress and a cocktail at the door, there's no shame in wanting to feel — and smell — like a brighter version of you, one who just sprung headfirst from a bouquet or rolled in a field of poppies.

These seven different floral fragrances, which smell like a Super Bloom with every spritz, will help you do just that. Isn't it wonderful, out here in the world?

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If a conventional floral fragrance smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers, then this one smells like the stuff that gets trimmed off and tossed in the compost: crushed mandarin leaves, crisp, green stalks from lily-of-the-valley and rose centifolia stems, the rich, earthy soil from which each bud of jasmine has been uprooted. With a grounded drydown of musk and wood, the notes in this "anti-floral" are still recognizable — but not traditional.
Malin + Goetz Stem Eau De Parfum$95.00 Buy
With this fragrance, maverick perfumer Douglas Little poses one very unorthodox question: What would it smell like if a flower had an orgasm? The answer: a cascade of spicy pink pepper and bergamot at the top, followed by the heady, milky richness of orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. Letting the raw floral notes take center stage meant lowering the alcohol content of the perfume itself, resulting in a pale, milky formula that only serves to make Florgasm all the more salacious.
Heretic Florgasm Eau de Parfum$65.00 Buy
A "salty flower" could smell like any number of things, some more pleasant than others (violets sprinkled with Maldon salt? Rose petals soaked in pickling vinegar?). This translation, which takes the white, creamy gardenia-like scent of frangipani flower and adds a generous pinch of sea salt, is beyond palatable — a real crowd-pleaser, especially if you love a good beach scent.
Viktor & Rolf Magic Salty Flower$145.00 Buy
Made up of two land masses joined by a sandy isthmus just off the coast of Tasmania, Bruny Island is home to the world's largest population of the endangered forty-spotted pardalote, Australia's second oldest lighthouse, and the richly-perfumed boronia flower. Only one of those things is the star component of this pink potion, which grounds the sweetness of the plant and a bouquet of white florals with vetiver, sandalwood, amber, and musk.
Goldfield & Banks Southern Bloom Perfume Concentrate$205.00 Buy
Hey, good news: Someone took that daydream you had about skinny-dipping alone on a lazy afternoon in the French Riviera and put it in a bottle. Fresh, sensual, and highly addictive, a top note of hot pink pepper gives way to lush peony and your-skin-but-sexier cedar, musk, and amber for an evocative scent that radiates Côte d'Azur warmth whether you're in Nice or Nebraska.
Ex Nihilo Lust in Paradise$325.00 Buy
Notes of bergamot, vanilla, and heliotrope, while lovely, are all par for the powdery-floral course. It's the delicate airiness of hemlock, the highly poisonous plant once used to execute condemned prisoners in ancient Greece, that ensures this is not your grandma's fragrance. The initial bite of cucumber fades fast and leaves a soft, almost almond-y finish.
Jo Malone London Hemlock & Bergamot Cologne$72.00 Buy
The cult-favorite fragrance named for the Red Cross nurses who risked their lives on the front lines to treat wounded soldiers during the First World War, now available in long-wearing perfume oil form. Warm, velvety, and strangely soothing, the spice of pink pepper and woodsy base of papyrus and amber play off the rich red rose for a scent that's bold and beguiling, not garden-fresh.
Byredo Rose of No Man's Land Perfumed Oil$78.00 Buy
You will never get to stroll through the elusive Venetian garden on the island of Giudecca that this fragrance was inspired by — it's permanently closed to the public (even famed Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel had to practically beg management for a few days' access). You can, however, catch a convincing whiff of it via this dreamlike scent, which captures the creaminess of white flowers alongside grounding woods from pittosporum trees and the salt of the breeze coming off the nearby lagoon.
Hermès Un Jardin sur la Lagune Eau de Toilette$139.00 Buy
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