The Antidote To Those Crazy-Complicated How-To-Tie-A-Scarf Videos

If you've ever searched for a fashion video on YouTube, you've probably stumbled across one of the many about how to tie a scarf; they're mesmerizing to watch and addictive once you get started. They're the sartorial equivalent of babies eating lemons or those "My Morning Routine" videos. But, when it comes to actually executing the tricks they teach, 99% of the techniques don't quite translate to your grab-and-go lifestyle. Besides taking forever to do (especially if you mess up and have to start over again), these styling tricks either result in a scarf that's not going to stay put, or one that stays put a little too well. Plus, while it's great to look like you were deliberate and thoughtful with your clothes this morning, you don't want to seem like you're precious about them. In other words: It's a scarf, not an art project.

Take it easy. A scarf can absolutely be tied perfectly without a mirror in under 10 seconds. It should stay on in whipping winds and actually keep you warm, but be easy to pull off once you get inside. (Want to keep it on? It will look good with your regular clothes, too.) We have one fool-proof tying technique that checks all those boxes. Is it fancy? No. But, it works, which is reason enough.   

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