Every Angsty Song From The Ultimate Playlist of Noise Soundtrack — Originals Included

A soundtrack for a film about someone who loves sound has to be some pretty big shoes to fill, but Hulu's latest movie, The Ultimate Playlist of Noise does not disappoint. Not only are there some b-sides from indie favorites, but the soundtrack features four original songs from artists you should definitely be adding to your own playlists.

The film follows audio-obsessed high school senior Marcus (Keean Johnson) after learning that he must undergo brain surgery in a matter of weeks. His condition is treatable, but the surgery will render him deaf. He decides to lose his hearing on his terms and in an effort to seize control of his fate, he goes on a mission to record the Ultimate Playlist of Noise — an album of all of his favorite sounds from cruising on the open road to hearing 100 soda cans open in unison.


As he sets out to make his perfect playlist, he meets Wendy (Madeline Brewer), a wildly charming, struggling musician who is trying to escape to New York for a chance at a life-changing opportunity. Fun fact: Wendy's song "Where I'm Going" was written for the film by Wet. Together they check sounds off his list as they make their way across the country.

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Pavements, "Cut Your Hair"

Marcus introduces himself in what will become the forward to his soundtrack. In it, he explains how much he's been influenced over the years by his older brother's music collection.
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The Goon's Sax, "Get Out"

Marcus is given some devastating news but decides to make peace with the surgery that will result in the loss of his hearing by coming up with the idea to make a playlist of all of his favorite sounds.
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Los Campesinos, "You! Me! Dancing!"

After a chance and chaotic meeting, Marcus meets Wendy and, for different reasons, they both are headed to New York so they decide to embark on the road trip together.
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"Where I'm Going" by Wet (performed by Madeline Brewer)

A Wet original written especially for the film, this is the song Marcus first heard Wendy perform as the opener for a gig he went to with friends and the song that got her the attention of someone who might want to sign her in New York.
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Starship, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"

Marcus and Wendy take a brief detour on their road trip to record the sounds of a nostalgic roller rink.
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George Gershwin, "Rhapsody in Blue"

After days of driving, Marcus and Wendy finally make it to New York City. Naturally, Marcus has the perfect song prepared to soundtrack the moment.
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"Through the Smoke" by The Districts

Marcus and his brother shared a love of music, but Marcus finds out through an unheard demo tape — an original written by The Districts — that his brother didn't just write angsty, punk tracks.
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Majical Cloudz, "Downtown"

Marcus learns that some of his memories of his brother might not actually be the full story, and in some cases, a completely fictional reinterpretation of tragic events from his childhood.
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Verlatour, "Extatique"

Marcus' mother comes to find him in New York City and they have a long overdue, difficult conversation that Marcus thinks they should have had years ago.
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Mr. Little Jeans, "Far From Home"

Wendy sends an apology to Marcus as well as the most anticipated sound on his noise soundtrack.
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