The Palm Springs Cast Is So, So Good

The Lonely Island-produced Palm Springs is an oddly prescient movie for a summer in quarantine. While many of us feel like time is hardly passing lately, free-wheeling Nyles (Andy Samberg) is literally stuck in a time loop that, in the vein of Groundhog Day, forces him to live the same day (and wedding) again and again. Nyles is content enough living November 9 on repeat, up until a drunken hookup accidentally pulls disgruntled maid of honor Sarah (Cristin Milioti) into his loop. Hijinks, humor, and surprisingly tender moments ensue as both Nyles and Sarah confront escape route theories, their feelings for each other, and the real reasons this run-of-the-mill wedding was so hellish.

Nyles and Sarah are the movie's emotional center, but they're trapped in the California desert with a hilarious supporting cast. Sarah's golden child sister is played by a Riverdale star, and the groom-to-be is a Teen Wolf alum; if you're a Search Party fan, you'll also recognize Nyles' flighty girlfriend. Rounding out the cast is an ensemble of partygoers and Palm Springs locals that you might have previously seen on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert or in your favorite NBC sitcoms.


Before you head to this year's most tedious wedding, here are all the guests you need to know — and where you've seen them before.

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Andy Samberg Plays Nyles

What brings Nyles to Palm Springs?
Initially, a wedding. Nyles' relationship with his image-obsessed girlfriend (Meredith Hagner) might be rocky at best, but Misty demands he pull it together for just one day in honor of her friend's celebration. As it turns out, "just one day" is a massive understatement: we soon learn Nyles has actually been reliving November 9 for such a long time, he can barely remember what his life was like before Tala (Camila Mendes) and Abe (Tyler Hoechlin) said "I do."

What to watch him in next:
If you're into comedy, you're probably already familiar with his role in the comedy collective The Lonely Island, or you might recognize him from his eight-year tenure on Saturday Night Live. He also produces and stars in the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
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Cristin Milioti Plays Sarah

What brings Sarah to Palm Springs?
Sarah's sister is the bride, but she's just as cynical about this wedding as Nyles — and she's especially not looking forward to giving her maid of honor speech. Fortunately, Nyles decides to step in and say a few words on Sarah's behalf. Less fortunately, this sets off a chain of events that propel Sarah into his timeline.

What to watch her in next:
Milioti is best known for her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, but if you're more of a comedy fan, you can find her in How I Met Your Mother, The Mindy Project, and quirky rom-com series A to Z.
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J.K. Simmons Plays Roy

What brings Roy to Palm Springs?
According to Nyles, Roy is Abe's dad's cousin. But — mild spoiler alert — he's really here to torture Nyles.

What to watch him in next:
Simmons has an extensive filmography, but some of his most unforgettable performances include roles in La La Land, Whiplash, and cult comedy Juno.
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Meredith Hagner Plays Misty

What brings Misty to Palm Springs?
Misty is the bride's best friend and Nyles' not-so-loyal girlfriend. For all her faults, she's undoubtedly determined to be the best bridesmaid she can be.

What to watch her in next:
Hagner plays another Misty-like character in the HBO Max dark comedy Search Party. Recently, she was also in the Netflix films Horse Girl and Set It Up.
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV.

Camila Mendes Plays Tala

What brings Tala to Palm Springs?
She's getting married! Again and again and again.

What to watch her in next:
Mendes' must-see project is Riverdale, which will return in 2021. If you can't wait that long, you can also catch her in films including Dangerous Lies, The New Romantic, and last year's The Perfect Date.
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Tyler Hoechlin Plays Abe

What brings Abe to Palm Springs?
Like Tala, he's getting married. It's unclear whether he realizes he's marrying into such a dysfunctional family, though.

What to watch him in next:
If you're in need of a new binge-watch, you can find Hoechlin and his excellent jawline in Teen Wolf or 7th Heaven.
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Peter Gallagher Plays Howard

What brings Howard to Palm Springs?
Howard is Tala's and Sarah's father.

What to watch him in next:
If you're looking for a show, you can watch Gallagher in Grace and Frankie, New Girl, or The O.C. Most recently, he starred the irreverent comedy Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.
Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Mediaplacement.

Jacqueline Obradors Plays Pia

What brings Pia to Palm Springs?
Pia is Tala's and Sarah's mother.

What to watch her in next:
Obradors has appeared in many movies and shows since the '90s, including action-adventure films Unstoppable and A Man Apart. Most recently, in 2019, she joined the cast of Prime Video crime drama Bosch as an LAPD detective.
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June Squibb Plays Nana

What brings Nana to Palm Springs?
Like the rest of the Schlieffen family, she's here for the wedding. Unlike other members of her family, she's easily charmed by Nyles.

What to watch her in next:
Some of Squibb's best known films are Nebraska and horror flick Would You Rather. She also recently played a recurring role on NBC's Good Girls.
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for HFA.

Dale Dickey Plays Darla

What brings Darla to Palm Springs?
Unlike the wedding guests, Darla is a Palm Springs local. We meet her at Nyles' favorite nearby pub.

What to watch her in next:
Dickey received critical acclaim for her performance in 2010's Winter's Bone. Her other notable movies include Hell or High Water and Last Requests.
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Tongayi Chirisa Plays Jerry

What brings Jerry to Palm Springs?
He's another guest at the wedding, often seen floating around the pool with Nyles.

What to watch him in next:
Coming up, you'll be able to see Chirisa in the Janelle Monáe-led thriller Antebellum. He also previously starred in The CW's iZombie.
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Jena Friedman Plays Daisy

What brings Daisy to Palm Springs?
Daisy works the wedding as a bartender.

What to watch her in next:
As a stand-up comedian, Friedman has appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and written for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. She also created and hosted two specials for her Adult Swim series, Soft Focus with Jena Friedman, and shared in April that the third segment is currently underway.
Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney.

Chris Pang Plays Trevor

What brings Trevor to Palm Springs?
The wedding — specifically, he's the officiant in the ridiculous cowboy get-up.

What to watch him in next:
If you want to see more of Pang, you should definitely check out Crazy Rich Asians, 2019's Charlie's Angels, and the 2016 action-drama Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
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