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Miss Baby Yoda? Here Are The Next Disney+ Star Wars Shows After The Mandalorian

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The Mandalorian just wrapped up a hit season on Disney+, like a blanket tucking Baby Yoda in for a nap. And all it happened too fast. What do we do with ourselves now? Well, there is another. Technically, the next Star Wars TV series on Disney+ is the new season of The Clone Wars. The animated series will debut new episodes in February 2020, giving fans some time to catch up if they haven't already. But as for life action series there aren't a ton of actual dates set for the upcoming confirmed Star Wars Disney+ series.


The newest Star Wars series on its way to the streaming platform in 2020 is Jedi Temple Challenge, a reality competition series hosted by Ahmed Best (who played Jar Jar Binks) that will put teens through the ringer as they become padawans IRL. It sounds like American Gladiator meets Legends of The Hidden Temple (the hidden... Jedi Temple?) and I already want in.

Probably the most eagerly anticipated Star Wars series on Disney+, however, is the one starring Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi — presumably set during his exile as "Ben Kenobi" on Tatooine while Luke Skywalker was growing up. McGregor's performance is beloved even amongst those who are iffy about the Star Wars prequels in which he starred, and the series is being directed by The Mandalorian breakout superstar Deborah Chow. Give it to us now, please! Unfortunately, there is no release date information at this time aside from the fact that the series will begin filming in 2020. Ouch.

Even further down the line is the Rogue One spin-off series all about everyone's favorite winter coat wearer, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), or second favorite, if you count Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back. That series will star both Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk, but may not premiere until 2021, according to the series announcement at D23 Expo.

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There's also second season of The Mandalorian to look forward to in the near future. According to Jon Favreau's Instagram and literally every interview he's done with the cast, it has already begun filming. So, don't be too surprised if we end up seeing more adventures of Baby Yoda before the Cassian and Obi-Wan shows premiere.


Finally, don't tell anybody, but there are rumors about another secret Star Wars show that may or may not already be underway. Rumor has it that the unannounced series would follow a character from the new Star Wars comics called Doctor Aphra, a female "criminal archeologist" (think Indiana Jones in space) and an anti-hero. That show would be, as the saying goes... big, if true!

Until we get more information about Star Wars shows on Disney+, at least there are a bunch of Marvel shows to look forward to. In 2020 we'll see Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson team up in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and in 2021 shows including WandaVision, What If, Loki, and Hawkeye.

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