The Best Alcohol Advent Calendars To Count Down The Days Until Christmas

Advent is, traditionally, a time of preparation and waiting. Advent calendars are instrumental in helping us keep time and count down to the day when the counting ends. Counting down to what, you might ask? Technically, it’s a Christian countdown that anticipates the birth of Christ on Christmas. But somewhere along the way, people started stuffing advent calendars with all kinds of goodies that exist mostly just to fill us with anticipation and give us small gifts, one day at a time.

So you have your beauty advent calendar and even your high-end jewelry advent calendar. There are advent calendars filled with toys for kids and of course, advent calendars for adults, which are  filled with alcohol -- or, as we call it during advent -- libations.


Here, we’ve compiled ten alcohol advent calendars that address every kind of drinker. There’s something for the hard-to-please, for the drinker who doesn’t discriminate, for the one with impeccable taste, and everyone else in between.

Top Rated 24 Pack Beer Basket

This box compiles the top-ranked beer, so even though each day will bring a surprise, the quality will be consistent.
Give Them Beer Top Rated 24 Pack Beer Basket, $130.00 Buy

12 Nights of Wine

The Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine boxes are about quality over quantity, in this case, they're served by the glass.
Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine - Naughty, $129.00 Buy

Aldi Beer Advent Calendar

Available starting today, this is the advent calendar that doubles as an office holiday party favor.
Aldi Aldi Beer Advent Calendar, $49.99 Buy

Aldi Wine Advent Calendar

Also available starting today, this is the advent calendar you shouldn't think twice about when purchasing, since it's known for being chronically sold-out.
Aldi Aldi Wine Advent Calendar, $69.99 Buy

Vintage Crate Craft Advent Calendar

A cozier, more seasonally-appropriate batch of craft beers.
Craft Advent Box Vintage Crate Craft Advent Calendar, $29.99 Buy

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

The hot ticket item of the year. This is the advent calendar that can serve as a centerpiece for your warm-weather holiday party or for a family member's 21st birthday.
Give Them Beer Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, $59.00 Buy
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