The Best Music Blogs That Aren't Pitchfork

You probably have at least one friend who always knows the newest and most amazing music. Said friend likely has headphone hair and takes more pride in her sound system than in anything else she might own. You try to be like her, Googling your way to new music. But by the time you think you've scored, you discover she's had it in her library for a week. Well, you can stop all that now, because we've got our hands on some secret sonic weapons. And we're ready to share.

Sometimes, reading Pitchfork is like flipping through Vogue. You get a filtered breakdown of what's happening in the music industry that's not a generic Top 40 rundown, but it's not the be all, end all of music blogging, either. So, these sites we're about to drop on you are the deep cuts of music blogs. They're that cool, indie kid in high school who no one really knew, but everyone seemed to respect.


Plug in your headphones, turn up your volume, and escape into something other than Spotify for a couple of minutes. You deserve it.

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This blog is the authority on all things hip hop. In addition to the music blog standard of news and album reviews, 2DOPEBOYZ also publishes fascinating feature articles, this one on female emcees, and verse of the month contests.
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Brooklyn Vegan

Calling all New Yorkers. Want to be ahead of the curve in the indie music scene? Look no further than the best resource for local concerts, as well as new music in general. You shouldn't have to keep track of every little band's many little gigs. Let Brooklyn Vegan do it for you.
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Your home base for everything hip-hop. The site covers breaking news in the genre, as well as typical music coverage. Perhaps the best resource, though, is Rap-Up TV, the site's extensive collection of exclusive interviews with musicians.
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Their slogan is #noshittymusic — are you sold yet? Each day, the blog's authors creates curated playlists that show off their own taste. It's like getting personal mixtapes from a huge group of friends.
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Drowned In Sound

Indie music reviews, industry news, recommendations, and tons of cool interactive features. You'll especially love UK-based 'zine if you're crazy about all things British.
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Alt Citizen

With playlist names like "Songs to Piss Your Parents Off" and "Thirsty IRL," Alt Citizen approaches playlists with a goofy specificity. Check out their Mixtapes for inspiration for your next party playlist.
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Consequence of Sound

This music blog has a special feature especially for festival goers. Check out their "Festival Outlook" page for a roundup of all upcoming shows, and the artists you can expect to see there.
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Pigeons and Planes

A music blog especially for the indie and hip-hop lover. Check out their "In Depth" section for profiles on every aspect of your favorite artist. We especially liked this article  about the puppets Chance the Rapper uses in his concerts.
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Photo: Courtesy of Obscure Sound.
Obscure Sound

This indie music blog features streamable tracks and commentary on the songs, helping you create your new favorite playlist. According to the about page the site hopes to, "provide music fans with the latest and greatest music, preferably from artists you’ve never heard of before."
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Photo: Courtesy of FreeIndie.
The tagline of this song-sharing Tumblr blog says it all— "Hi!
We've been making you a mixtape."
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Photo: Courtesy of Birp!
Birp! hosts free-streaming tracks and includes a blog focusing on new musicians. "It's our way of helping to promote all the independent bands we know and love and to give the listener a chance to get to hear something new," reads their about us page.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cover Lay Down.
Cover Lay Down
This folk blog has been posting folk covers of pop songs since 2007. It describes its mission as, "to celebrate folk artists and songwriters through coversongs, and explore the margins and meanings of folk music in a 21st century world."
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Photo: Courtesy of NPR Music.
All Songs Considered
This NPR blog is perfect for anyone who wants to impress their friends not just by finding the perfect new song, but also by providing a bit of background on the artist, and maybe even where they got their inspiration for the piece.
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Photo: Courtesy of Copy Cats.
Copy Cats
This Tumblr blog promises to bring you the best covers and remixes of your favorite songs. It has a good mix of classic rock, as well as new pop songs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Reddit.
Listen to This on Reddit
You'll find music of all genres on this subreddit, all crowdsourced and up-voted by Reddit users. And you don't have to worry about encountering Top 40 hits. The thread has a strict policy — "bots will remove mainstream music submissions."
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Photo: Courtesy of The Line of Best Fit.
The Line of Best Fit
For U.K. music fans, The Line of Best Fit promises to stay positive with its content, explaining, "We write about the bands we like, not the bands we hate, championing the best new music from the U.K. and beyond. "

As for its authority to deem new music the best, Style of Sound named the site the Most Influential Music Blog in the U.K. in 2014.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pop On And On.
Pop On And On
A blog run by music enthusiast David Esquivel, this site promises to introduce you to the best new artists first, and boasts an impressive collection of remixes of your favorite songs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear.
Gorilla Vs. Bear
This is Pitchfork without the pretension. The folks behind this blog continue to curate a solid library of new and niche artists that, whether you know it or not, are influencing the music you're hearing on the radio today. This is where you go to "hear it first."
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Photo: Courtesy of largehearted boy.
Largehearted Boy
There's nothing better than kicking back to some good tunes and having a solid book to get lost in for a while, and that's where the heart of largehearted boy lives. It's where literature and music come together in wonderful harmony.
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Photo: Courtesy of EARMILK.
The name says it all, really. Earmilk is your daily dose of sonic calcium. Consume it all. Your ears will thank you.
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Photo: Courtesy of Et Musique Pour Tous.
Et Musique Pour Tous
Based out of New York and L.A., this unassuming, under-the-radar site features some of the best remixes and emerging DJs out there. Think EDM music that won't give you a headache. They do things a little differently here, too. It's not just about the music, it's about how the music affects you, what the nuances are, and why you should dig it. Life inspiration paired with some great beats? We'll take it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard.
Aquarium Drunkard
Based in L.A., Aquarium Drunkard has managed to fly low despite being around for a while. It doesn't just give a voice to eclectic musicians, it lets the musicians themselves proudly show off. The interviews are as good for the mind as the sounds are for the ears.
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Photo: Courtesy of THE HYPE MACHINE.
Hype Machine
Hype Machine is the Twitter of music. It's constantly updated with what's trending in the sonic sphere as it's trending (hence the title). This is where you go to stay relevant. This is where you go to show off. You can thank us later for the ego boost.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cruel Rhythm.
Cruel Rhythm
Cruel Rhythm is the little Tumblr that could. Who ever said that having a URL lessens your credibility needs to check out the archive Cruel Rhythm has racked up, stat. They let the track do the explaining and hardly write anything — which is refreshing in its simplicity. Sometimes, all you want to do is dance, and that's where Cruel Rhythm comes to your aid.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ad Hoc.
Ad Hoc
Ad Hoc is like a little online commune for people who love good tunes without the brainwashing. It's made up of 10 blogs sharing the ethos that the world can be built better through great sounds.
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Photo: Courtesy of Indie Shuffle.
Indie Shuffle
Like EMPT, Indie Shuffle prides itself on good writing. They don't care if you might not like a song, they merely want you to consider it, and that's an endearing thing to ask of an audience — one that we wholeheartedly respect.
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Photo: Courtesy of weird canada.
Weird Canada
Hey! Canada has great taste, and that's all this website aims to prove (which they do in stunning fashion).
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This site has tons of music, pop culture and style content, and we love their Instagram specifically for trending music releases and news.
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Our go-to for behind-the-scenes intel and trend reporting, Genius is the reigning champ of artist-driven videos, articles, and user-generated lyric breakdowns.
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As the name suggests, this UK-based blog focuses on pop music. They've got a "New Music Friday" rundown that we'd highly recommend, where a "Song of the week" and "Wrong of the week" are named, along with highlights from the week's music news.
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The Boombox 
This NY-based blog focuses on hip-hop, rap and R&B, as well as news about artists and socio-cultural commentary.
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