14 Festive (& Very Chic) Holiday Manicures To Copy This Season

You've just stepped through the door of a swanky Christmas party and you're wearing a variation of your dream outfit — a velvet dress, glitzy rhinestone hair pin and a beaded bag of dreams — when someone hands you a skinny crystal champagne flute, like a scene out of a movie. You smile, eagerly stretch your fingers towards the stem, and, at that precise moment, remember the one detail you forgot: to schedule a manicure.

Instead of getting stuck kicking yourself at the eleventh hour — digging your fingers deep in the pockets of your jumpsuit (thank god for pockets, right?) — give yourself a fun, festive, easy-to-DIY manicure ahead of the party this time around. From red Christmas nails and an Instagrammable array of glitter nails, find 14 chic, elevated, subtly seasonal manicures (as in, no red-nosed reindeer or melted snowmen) that you'll be happy to rock all throughout the festive season.

Understated glitter with added sparkle thanks to a touch of white polish: officially the cutest Christmassy nails around.
Some sparkly nail polish — like the shades in Essie's Concrete Glitters collection — and a skinny striping brush, and you've got the makings of the most perfectly understated seasonal polka-dot mani.
When 10 bright-green pine trees feels like overkill, try elevating your nails with a two-tone stitching detail (you can use this plum-purple polish next to this deep-red shade). It gives the subtle illusion of a fresh-cut fir, without looking cheesy.
Florals aren't exclusive to your spring and summer manicures: When you keep your base coat a cool neutral shade by using a polish like CND's Romantique, rich red-and-green blossom accents will give a wintry, poinsettia-esque effect.
A shiny nude base coat sprinkled with a fine layer of gold glitter flecks around the cuticle, and you've got fingernails that beg to be wrapped around the stem of a Baccarat crystal wine glass.
If you have a steady hand with a striping brush, a little typography — scripted in cursive with gold glitter polish — makes the most ornate holiday accessory.
This gilded manicure is the equivalent of unwrapping a sinfully sweet Werther's caramel hard candy from its gold-foil coating.
The string of rainbow twinkle lights hanging on your tree seems lacklustre compared to your neon-flashbulb manicure.
Do you see a candy cane or the Nike swoosh? Whichever way you play it, the red-and-white accent looks cool with high-tops and a party dress.
If you're knee-deep in present wrapping season, you'll see this mani as artisanal peach and gold gift paper, punctuated with tabs of black tape.
Your soft lavender nail polish gets an upgrade with sparkly sugarplum gemstones — both on your fingers and around them.
Use this luxe emerald polish as your glossy green base and this silver chrome shade as your starry accent, then find yourself a pine-tree backdrop.
If your head hurts just imagining the concentration it would take to paint a plaid pattern on your fingernails, get the look but bypass the heavy lifting by using chic nail-wrap stickers.
With festive nail art, sophistication is found in simplicity. Let these teensy, twinkling star droplets be your guide.
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