Simone Biles Showed Off Her Cheerleading Chops At A Houston Texans Game

Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

Five-time Olympic medalist? Check. Stellar performance on Dancing With the Stars? Check. When it comes to any form of physical activity, is there anything Simone Biles can't do?

That's obviously a rhetorical question and she proved herself once again this weekend when she temporarily joined the Houston Texan cheerleaders for a game against the San Francisco 49ers, E! reports.

Biles, who was raised in Houston, is a longtime fan of the team and she had a blast performing with its cheerleaders. In what will surely come as a shock to no one, Biles was a natural. "She learned everything for that game in literally 2 to 3 days," Houston Texans cheerleader Mallory Moore told TMZ Sports.

In fact, she was such a pro that Moore also shared that Biles now has her very own locker and an open invitation to cheer with the team whenever she pleases. (Or, more accurately, whenever the Olympic champ has a break in her busy training schedule.)

Check out Biles' cheerleading moves here:

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She also shared the details of her day on social media, complete with another "short / tall picture" of herself with retired basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon.

Biles documented the experience on Instagram, starting with the moment she put on those killer red boots. "[O]fficially ready for game day now that I got my legendary red boots 🏈," she captioned the post.

"[G]ame day feels ❤️ so excited to dance at the Houston Texans Game!" Biles captioned a photo of herself smiling on the field.

Her boyfriend, fellow gymnast Stacey Ervin, was in attendance to cheer Biles on as she made her cheerleading debut.

After the game, Biles wrote that "I had such an amazing experience cheering at the Texans Game ❤️ Definitely a memory to last forever!"

I know she's super busy and all, but I really hope Biles makes at least one more cheerleading appearance this football season. After all, it's clear that she and her superhuman talent are always welcome at Houston Texans games.

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