Where To Find Each Sign At Your Next Holiday Party

'Tis the season for Friendsgivings, dinner parties, and after-work get-togethers, stargazers. Yes, we're talking about the time-honored tradition of holiday parties.

Even if your honorary astrological sign is Party Animal, these events can be daunting — especially if you're going somewhere new or don't know many of your coworkers. Luckily, you can let the signs of the Zodiac help you navigate the room.

We'd never call any of the signs predictable, but each of them is known for certain sets of behavior that make them easy find. That is, if you know what to look for.

Read on for our guide to the signs as you'll encounter them at your next holiday party.

illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Participating in (and actually enjoying) the organized fun.

Are there charades? Bowling? A dance-off? Name an activity and the Rams at your office are sure to be game. This sign can't resist an opportunity for a little friendly competition, even if it means showing up their manager at Pictionary.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Replacing the caterer.

Whether they're ordering an 11th hour pizza or mixing drinks behind the bar, your Taurean peers understand the important role refreshments play in any party. Their ruling element, earth, dictates that they oversee food and drink, while their penchant for pampering leads them to make sure the snacks are good and the drinks are strong.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: DJing.

Adaptable Gems know the power of music at a party — some songs will get the group to turn up, while others will prompt them to grab their coats. This energetic air sign knows exactly how to set the mood in a room to "boogie." Even if no one asked them prep a playlist, don't be surprised when they grab the aux cord.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Cleaning up on the down-low.

They might try to be low-key about it, but yes, Crabs can't help but lend a hand. Even if the shindig is full swing around them, they'll find an empty cup to toss or surreptitiously brush any confetti into a pile in the corner. A Cancer's instinct is to make any space welcoming and livable — even if it's a bar or an office event room.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Networking.

This fire sign is as strategic as they come. Add that to their knack for small talk (that's actually not so small) and put them in a room full of higher-ups or strangers and you've got a Leo on the prowl. Members of this sign carry themselves with total confidence, which makes chatting up anyone a breeze, even if it means introducing themselves all night long.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Being surprisingly fun.

Make no mistake: Virgos are hard workers — their ruling element, earth, holds them to a standard of steady self-discipline. But they play as hard as they work. If you've never seen your Virgo coworker outside of their cubicle, or your Virgo neighbor only at building meetings, it may come as a shock to see them cutting loose, but it won't be an unwelcome sight. Take their lead and you'll have a blast.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Building bridges.

Libras move through crowds with confidence, so they easily notice those who don't. If this social sign sees an opportunity to bring newbies into the fold, they're sure to take it — especially at a party, when different social circles are bound to be mingling.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Gossiping with the same three people.

By no stretch of the imagination are Scorpios minglers. But that doesn't mean they aren't social. Rather than work the room, they much prefer to turn to their tight-knit circle of BFFs or work spouses and enjoy the festivities from afar, exchanging many a dry joke.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Being bad.

Born-to-be-wild Sags have a tendency to break rules as they see fit, especially if those rules are only getting in the way of them having even more fun. That might mean sneaking a plus-one into their work party or playing a friendly prank on their dinner host — any harmless act of rebellion will do.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Leaving five minutes after they arrived.

Caps join the fun on their own terms. Anything too big, too late, or too unfamiliar to them is usually off the table. And even if the party fits their tastes, chances are they'll hang out to enjoy it for one drink, max. It isn't that they don't have fun at these get-togethers, but they "just can't stay." After all, they probably have work to do tomorrow.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: Making an impromptu toast.

When the mood strikes, Water Bearers can be a chatty bunch. And when they're at a party, surrounded by peers (and possibly with a drink or two in their system), that mood is bound to strike. After their initial words of praise, they'll inevitably start pitching one of their harebrained schemes — before someone cuts them off.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Find them: That's the thing — you can't.

It's no surprise that your Pisces coworker or pal opted to stay home. Often described as the old soul of the Zodiac, this is sign places a premium on privacy, so that they can pause and hear themselves think. More often than not, they would rather spend their off-the-clock time alone, in the comfort and quiet of their own home.
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