Your Thanksgiving Horoscope Is Here

It doesn’t take an astrological mastermind to predict that judgmental attitudes will be on fire around the Thanksgiving table this year, especially re: religion and politics. Fortunately, the planets offer us a chance for — whoa there — mature discussion of differences. We can even change up stale family communication patterns if we want (not that it’ll be easy).

Every November, the sun enters self-righteous, big-hearted, overdoing-it-prone Sagittarius just in time for your trip home. Whoever decided this was the right time for a major holiday was either a sadist or assumed that we all believe in the same stuff as our fams. We tend to spend Sagittarius season balanced one-legged on our high horse. (For some of us, it’s a very high horse, indeed.) Sagittarius has good intentions, but listening isn’t exactly the sign’s strong suit. For best results from your Miller Lite-fueled rant, have faith in your loved ones’ best selves. Inspiration changes way more minds than shame.

The moon in Capricorn and Aquarius will put everyone in a serious mood. Opting out of Thanksgiving at home? Don’t forget: Just because you’re skipping family, plane tickets, colonialism, or all of the above, doesn’t mean you can’t devour a pan of stuffing with a few good friends.

March 21 to April 19

You might be high-strung this weekend, fancy Ram. Watch out where you point those horns and don’t argue just to argue. The upside is that you’re down for new experiences, even on home turf. Re-see familiar surroundings with a visit to that bar that just opened or by sneaking out to smoke with your grandma.

With the chatty planet Mercury smiling at your sign ruler, Mars, you’re rarin’ for good conversation. If your little sister’s attitude bugs you, take a sec to ask what’s up. You might be surprised how the mood shifts when she sees you’re interested.
April 20 to May 20

While everyone else at the table gets sweaty arm-wrestling, you wear that sweet, impossible smile that says, “I don’t have a ticket to ride the drama train, sorry!” Not that that will stop you from laughing behind your hands. Your natural self-containment is heightened this weekend, giving you prime seating for a local lesson on human behavior. It’s amazing how the healthy self-love flows when we take time to understand why our family members do what they do. (Hint: Their motivations are probably not the same as yours.)
May 21 to June 20

Serious can be a good thing, Double Fine, especially when it helps you focus your energy. While you always love stoking the flames of conflict — ahem, conversation — it really is for a good reason this weekend. Your busy brain is open to insight, and the gentle compassion in the background is there to remind you that, sometimes, there is a right answer. If no one’s helping your aunt with the dishes — again! — your friendly, non-confrontational approach is just what the family needs to see from a new perspective.
June 21 to July 22

What we want isn’t necessarily what we need. It can be tough to figure out the difference, especially on a weekend like this one, where those two things seem to be in conflict. You tend to err on the side of too many self-indulgences (too many sad movies, too many texts to bae, too much shutting yourself in a room to keep others’ feelings out) for fear of running out. There is a comfy middle ground, but you might need strategic, short breaks from the fam to find it.
July 23 to August 22

What are you doing, Leo? The fiery energy of your cousin-sign, Sag, has you writing, directing, and starring in a one-person show without checking to see if your audience is clapping. If you’re not getting the love and appreciation you want, take a step back to make sure you’re in sync. You are the master of fun, when you’re on your game; tune in with what your family’s feeling to know where and how to lead them.
August 23 to September 22

Your nerdy approach is just what the turkey ordered. While your family argues about the best way to carve the tofurkey, you’re the sensible smartie who suggests using the knife. What’s obvious to you comes as a revelation to others this weekend. The trick to getting them to listen is patience and some sensitivity. It can be frustrating when people you love act irrationally, but there is a logic to their behavior if you examine the situation from their perspective.
September 23 to October 22

Your wise inner voice is probably telling you to stay out the fray this weekend. If so, listen. Your gift for conversation makes you an amazing listener, and right now most people would rather talk, talk, talk. You’re feeling kind of deep, so take a plunge into your family’s heart and soul. Blaring TVs and motor-mouthed nephews make a great cover for getting your quietest cousin to finally tell you what’s really going on.
October 23 to November 21

Avoiding a family-triggered teenage reversion means knowing what to tune out. Unfortunately, Scorpio, you tend to listen closest to what you feel most threatened by. It’s easy to turn a fear into a reality by feeding it attention. Remember: If your family was going to kill you (metaphorically speaking), they’d have succeeded by now. No matter how vividly you remember being small, you’re big now and can choose who in your family is worth your energy and who isn’t.
November 22 to December 21

To appreciate beauty, a Sag needs to look down on it from above. Only at a distance do all the parts make sense. In your best moments, a panoramic view can fill you with inspiration, purpose, and the feeling that, yes, life is unfolding according to plan. Your family is no different. If they’re driving you bonkers, get up on the roof or run backward 10 paces. What is the meaning of your family as a whole? What’s the story you’re collectively telling?
December 22 to January 19

Guess what, Cappy? This might be the weekend you find out your family can communicate rationally. If they have it in them, you’ll be the down-to-earth magician who brings it out. It helps that you’re inclined to be more flexible than usual and at your patient best. Just remember, what feels like progress to you can be scarily serious to others. You might be tempted to go into fix-it mode, but you don’t need to do much more than sit beside someone to steady and calm them.
January 20 to February 18

Your sweet spot lies just between stability and radical change, security and excitement. Your family, on the other hand, is probably more comfortable at one end of the spectrum or the other. Problem is, when a gathering gets too uptight, you’ll toss a lit firecracker onto the table. If there’s too much instability, though, you’ll just peace out. This weekend, see what interesting compromises you can find between the extremes of your family’s habits and your own urges. Show your individual family members the respect you show your friends, and there’s a decent chance they’ll be receptive.
February 19 to March 20

Neptune, your ruling planet, came out of a clarifying five-month retrograde on November 20. Depending on how you’ve handled these last several months, you might be feeling cleansed and with a renewed sense of boundaries — or 100% ready! willing! and able! to relax into the murk of your own bad habits. Family time always put healthy changes to the test, and it’s totally normal to backslide. The real test is: What do you do the second after you backslide? Treat yourself and others with compassion, and remember “no” can be the most loving word in any language.
produced by Christina Dun; edited by Christina Dun.
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