Your Thanksgiving Horoscope Is Here

It doesn’t take an astrological mastermind to predict that judgmental attitudes will be on fire around the Thanksgiving table this year, especially re: religion and politics. Fortunately, the planets offer us a chance for — whoa there — mature discussion of differences. We can even change up stale family communication patterns if we want (not that it’ll be easy).
Every November, the sun enters self-righteous, big-hearted, overdoing-it-prone Sagittarius just in time for your trip home. Whoever decided this was the right time for a major holiday was either a sadist or assumed that we all believe in the same stuff as our fams. We tend to spend Sagittarius season balanced one-legged on our high horse. (For some of us, it’s a very high horse, indeed.) Sagittarius has good intentions, but listening isn’t exactly the sign’s strong suit. For best results from your Miller Lite-fueled rant, have faith in your loved ones’ best selves. Inspiration changes way more minds than shame.
The moon in Capricorn and Aquarius will put everyone in a serious mood. Opting out of Thanksgiving at home? Don’t forget: Just because you’re skipping family, plane tickets, colonialism, or all of the above, doesn’t mean you can’t devour a pan of stuffing with a few good friends.

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