14 Boozy Candies That Prove Being An Adult Has Its Perks — Even On Halloween

Halloween may be the ultimate kid holiday. There are kooky costumes, spooky decorations, and, of course, candy. Candy as far as the eye can see. Most of the year, we were limited to how often we could enjoy candy's sucrose pleasures, but on Halloween, those rules went out the window. Moreover, we got to bang on the doors of complete strangers and demand it.

So there's little wonder that, even as adults, we're nostalgic for the sugar-laden aspects of the season. It's hard to resist a fun-sized candy bar (or ten) even if we're not dressing up as Power Rangers anymore. But if you're only indulging candy favorites of your youth, you're missing half the fun. When we think about the types of candy there are, we tend to divide them into categories like chewy vs. hard, chocolate-y vs. fruity, and sour vs. sweet. But, we're missing one vital signifier: boozy vs. not.

Alcohol-infused candy has come a long way since the liqueur-filled cordials that only your grandparents seemed to like. From beer all the way to gin and tonics, there's a sugar rush equivalent of your favorite drink. Some can actually get you buzzed after a few handfuls, while others are merely infused with enough of the spirit to give the treat the essence of the tipple that inspired it.

Either way, these are treats best enjoyed by your adult self. Consider it a toast to the candy-obsessed inner child of your trick-or-treating days, updated for someone who understands the joy of a stiff drink after work.

Ahead, 14 candies that prove that being an adult has its perks, even if we don't get nap time anymore.

Sugarfina has a wide range of Instagram-friendly cocktail gummies that happen to also taste great, too.

Sugarfina Bubbly Bears Candy Cube, $8.50, available at Sugarfina.
Made with real Campari, the end result may not actually get you buzzed (it's cooked out during the candy-making process), but it does taste like you're wearing a Negroni on your ring finger.

Sweet Saba Sweet Saba x Campari Cocktail Ring, $62, available at Sweet Saba.
This boozy popcorn actually has an alcohol by volume that you can feel after a few bags.

Joe & Seph's Gin & Tonic Popcorn, $5.28, available at Joe & Seph's.
Alcohol-free, Project 7's Moscow mule gummies nevertheless pack a boozy punch.

Project 7 Moscow Mule Gummies, $1.99, available at Target.
Made with Underwood rosé, there's no reason to wait till next summer to enjoy one.

Quin Rosé Lollipops, $8, available at Quin.
Fireball has been known to make us do kooky things – like order a bunch of Fireball gummies off Etsy.

VineGelee Fire Bears!, $9.95, available at Etsy.
If you think that bourbon balls are old-fashioned and boring, try one of these.

Pappy Handmade Bourbon Balls, $39, available at Goldbely.
Almost as good as goat yoga.

Big Picture Farm Pure Bourbon Vanilla Goat Milk Caramels, $12.75, available at Mouth.
It's like a hotel mini bar, but a lot more fun.

VSC Liquor-Filled Chocolate Bottles, $4.99, available at World Market.
Regular marshmallows seem so boring now.

Wondermade Gold + Champagne Marshmallows, $24, available at Wondermade.
Bertie Botts took lessons from Jelly Belly – the candy company can make tiny beans taste uncannily like anything.

Jelly Belly Draft Beer, $2.49, available at Jelly Belly.
Compartes' eye-catching candy bars include a few inspired by the bar cart.

Compartes Compartes x Kelly Wearstler Tequila Lime Chocolate, $12.95, available at Compartes.
Adult-only cotton candy is not something we knew we needed until we found out about it.

Chocolate Story Book Cotton Candy Mimosa, $4.95, available at Etsy.
Maybe mulled wine spice should be the new pumpkin spice.

Herman The German Mulled Wine Candy, $6.50, available at Candy Warehouse.
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