5 Trendy Food-Themed Halloween Costumes That You Can DIY Last-Minute

Every year, we make a Halloween-themed promise to ourselves. Come end of September, like clockwork, we avow that this particular year’s plan of dress-up attack will be different. This is the year that we will get our shit together in time for a costume that is equal parts brilliant, stylish, easy, and affordable. Unfortunately, that’s just a little lie we need to tell ourselves in order to avoid Halloween costume anxiety — at all costs. But we mean it when we say: not this year. Because this October, we've got foolproof "recipes" for food-themed Halloween success. The food world has had quite the 2017 thus far — complete with funny moments and trendy new mashups that are ripe and ready to be cleverly repurposed on a certain upcoming holiday.

Regardless of how you Halloween, if you're a pre-planner or a game-time buzzer decision-maker, the five costume ideas ahead have you covered, whatever your edible beat may be. Taco Bell loyalists, Chrissy Tiegen fans, and Starbucks Frappuccino sippers are just a few short DIY steps away from the costumes of a foodie's dreams.

The Fireball Bagel

String, rope, or ribbon
Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Bottle or Nips
All-black or nude-hued clothing

1. Dress yourself in either an all-black or nude outfit from head to toe.

2. Cut two bagel shaped pieces, large enough to cover your front and back, out of cardboard (*Tip: use up any old moving boxes you may have lying around) and use string to fasten an around-the-neck harness.

3. Buy a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky to carry around — or pick up a dozen or so nips and tape/glue them to the front and back of the bagel cutout.

Chrissy Teigen Crying About Pie

Fancy party/cocktail dress
A pie
A fork

1. Put on your favorite fancy party or cocktail dress, complete with heels and any accessories you may be feeling at the moment.

2. Do up your hair how you please and put on all the eye makeup!

3. Last but not least, mess up that eye makeup so that it is streaming down your face, grab your pie and stick a fork in it.

*Bonus points for sitting on the ground and quietly sobbing in public white eating it.

Rosé All-Day

PJs (nightgown, robe, sleep short and shorts, or sleep set, etc.) or sundress, light pink
Eye mask or sunglasses, light pink
Shoes (either heels or slippers), light pink
Rosé bottle
Wine glass

1. Layer your pink wardrobe with half daytime and half evening clothing staples (e.g. wear the PJs with heels and sunglasses or wear the sundress with the eye mask and slippers).

2. String the clock around your neck, pop that bottle of rosé, and pour yourself a glass.

*Bonus points for raising your glass to strangers and saying, "rosé all day, am I right?!".

Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa

Nude suit or nude-colored clothing
Colored hair spray, green
Eye shadow, yellow
Lipstick, bright red
Bag of Taco Bell, filled with Chalupas

Put on your nude suit (naked), spray your hair green (shredded lettuce), swatch the yellow shadow on your lids (cheese), put the red lipstick on your lips (diced tomatoes), and pick up that bag of Taco Bell Chalupas to complete the look.

*Bonus points for passing out Taco Bell Chalupas to strangers.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Single-color outfit or dress, magenta pink
Shoes, electric/bright blue
Eye shadow, bright/sparkly blue
Lipstick, bright/sparkly blue
Glitter hair spray, white
Unicorn horn headband
Starbucks' logo printout

1. Put on your magenta pink look with blue shoes and then fasten the Starbucks' logo to the front of your outfit.

2. To complete the costume, swatch the glittery-blue eye shadow on your lids, layer on the lipstick, spray the white glitter heavily into your hair, and then pop on that unicorn headband.

*Bonus points for toting around a green Starbucks' straw for an anything you sip throughout the night.
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