Prosecco Doughnuts Are Here To Help Us Celebrate National Prosecco Day

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.

The Doughnut Project, a funky small-batch doughnut shop in New York City's West Village, is giving customers an extra-special way to cheers to National Prosecco Day, which falls on August 13. Delish tipped us off to the shop's forthcoming Prosecco Doughnut, which was created in partnership with Ruffino Wines and embodies all the glitz and glam of a celebratory glass of Prosecco.

According to Leslie Polizzotto, the Doughnut Project's co-owner, each of the specialty Processo Doughnuts gets a dipped in a glaze that is infused with Ruffino's prosecco. Each one also comes with various beautiful toppings that will pop, fizz, and clink on our Instagram feeds. The white glaze has a luxurious shimmer to it and each of the doughnuts come adorned with a variation of edible pink and white pearls, gold flakes, and pink glitter. Feast your eyes on these dapper doughnuts.

Photo: Courtesy of The Doughnut Project.
Photo: Courtesy of The Doughnut Project.

Polizotto told us that The Doughnut Project will be selling the Prosecco Doughnut at its West Village shop on August 14 through 20. These ritzy doughnuts will be available for $4.25 each, which is a whole lot cheaper than celebrating the holiday with a whole bottle of prosecco.

Since The Doughnut Project opened in 2015, co-owners Troy Neal and Leslie Polizzotto have made it their mission to challenge customers' ideas about what a doughnut can be. Earlier this year, the shop blew us away when it partnered with Clinton Hall, a craft beer hall in Manhattan's Financial District, to create the Flamin Hot Doughnut Grilled Cheese. The shop has also long been famous for its doughnut-y takes on savory treats like a Monte Cristo sandwich, beets, and bone marrow — yes, bone marrow. Additionally, it's the only spot where New Yorkers can get the now trendy everything bagel-inspired doughnut. It is with these savory-meets-sweet doughnut concoctions that the co-owners say they manage to stay "true to the 'Project' portion of the name."

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