Dominique Ansel's New Dessert Is Dressed Up As An Avocado

Dominique Ansel is a dessert genius. There's no denying this. Ansel has been responsible for some of the most outrageous and popular viral sweet treats over the past few years. His creations are not just delicious, they're also beautiful, and seem to blur the line between food and art. He's the reason hundreds of people have spent countless hours in line for the mere chance to have a cronut on their Instagram feeds and, more importantly, in their bellies.

You'd think that after creating just one viral dessert, you'd pat yourself on the back and be satisfied for the rest of your career, but Ansel hasn't taken that approach. It seems that every few months he churns out yet another new trendy treat that gets up excited all over again. With Ansel releasing new creative confections so frequently, it might be challenging to keep up. Here, we've got you covered. Take a look ahead for a list of the most enticing and amazing treats to come out of Dominique Ansel's kitchen.

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In honor of his L.A. location's very first Easter, Dominique Ansel has created a special kind of Easter egg that has a California twist. It's called the Huevocado.

The chocolate Easter egg is shaped like an avocado and is decorated with different shades of green and brown to look like the millennial-favorite fruit. The Huevocado itself is chocolate, and it has miniature white chocolate truffle eggs inside. As a limited time Easter offering, the treat will be available from March 31 until April 1 of this year.
What-a-Melon Soft Serve

Dominique Ansel opened a location of his bakery in Tokyo, Japan two years ago. To celebrate the anniversary and two years wonderful of wildly inventive desserts, DAB Japan is offering a new watermelon soft serve flavor called What-a-Melon. Of course, since it's Dominique Ansel we're talking about, the treat isn't just ordinary soft serve. The bright pink ice cream is served inside an actual slice of watermelon. According to the pastry chef's Instagram, each watermelon slice has chocolate "seeds" decorating the outside and is finished off with some sea salt to bring out all the flavors.
Cold Brew Soft Serve

When the weather warms up, we start reaching for cold brew to sip on in the morning instead of our usually hot coffees, but this summer Dominique Ansel Kitchen is introducing a brand new way to enjoy the summertime fave. On May 24, his New York café location will start selling Cold Brew flavored soft serve.

Ansel told GrubStreet that the cold brew soft serve takes two days to make. The team infuses the coffee flavor from a special blend of La Colombe beans into a house-made milk base overnight. Once the processes of infusing, straining, mixing, and resting is complete, the soft serve is ready. It comes in a freshly made waffle cone topped with biscotti and a dollop of milk foam dusted with cocoa powder. According to Ansel, "It’s completely different from coffee ice cream: richer when it comes to flavor, without being bitter or sour.”

The new soft serve flavor will be available at Dominique Ansel Kitchen in New York City through June.
Photo: @dabjapan.
Zero Gravity Chiffon Cake

In honor of a new shop opening in Japan on March 29, Dominique Ansel and his team have created one of their most spectacular desserts yet. It's called the Zero Gravity Chiffon Cake.

The cake is so light it can literally float in a balloon. According to Japan Times, each honey vanilla sponge is served inside a sugar balloon. To get to the treat, you simply have to pop the balloon. The Zero Gravity Chiffon Cake is only available at the newest Dominique Ansel Bakery location in Mitzukoshi Ginza.
Photo: via @dominiqueansel.
Apple Pie Corn Dog

The Apple Pie Corn Dog is a completely new twist on dessert on a stick. According to Dominique Ansel's Instagram page, you'll bite into this treat and find a center full of roasted parsnip ice cream, almond biscuit, and caramelized Gala apple. That unexpected combination of flavors comes coated in a fried cornmeal crust. You can customize your corndog with apple cider caramel and crispy potato chip feuilletine. The Apple Pie Corn Dog was created by Ansel in collaboration with Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske, the chefs behind Wildair and Contra.

It's only available at Dominique Ansel Kitchen in the West Village on Saturday, January 14 and Monday, January 16, starting at 12 p.m. Like all of Ansel's most exciting creations, this one is only available while supplies last, so you better line up early.
Photo: via @dabjapan.

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