7 Last-Minute Places To Eat Out If You're In NYC On Thanksgiving

For some New York City residents, "heading home for the holidays" means taking the 1 train back uptown to a tiny apartment and cooking a festive feast. Which translates to using up every inch of free counter space for a heavily fraught attempt at Thanksgiving. If this sounds familiar, we've got very good news for you! There are some pretty damn good restaurants keeping their doors open for Thanksgiving 2016.

Whether you're in the mood for a traditional turkey dinner or something a little more out of the Idaho Spuds box, there's an option to suit. Why not cut out "it is going to take me a fucking year to wash these 50 dishes with no dishwasher" stress? Instead, focus on selecting a snazzy pair of your finest stretchy pants to go out and getting stuffed in. The choice of place is yours and only one scroll (and a couple subway stops) away.

Prime Meats ($57, prix fixe)
For a classic (yet hip) steakhouse holiday.

Prime Meats, 465 Court Street (at Luquer Street); 718-254-0327.

Frankies ($57, prix fixe)
Dine out in trendy-Italiano style.

Frankies, locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Miss Lily's ($48, prix fixe)
Get your Thanksgiving turkey Jamaican jerk-style this year.

Miss Lily's, two locations in Manhattan 212-812-1482.

Pizza Beach (regular menu options)
Screw the turkey and just eat a pie...a pizza pie.

Pizza Beach UES, 1426 3rd Avenue (at East 81st Street); 646-666-0819.

Wallflower ($75, prix fixe)
A delightful precooked, four-course turkey dinner in the West Village? Yes, please.

Wallflower, 235 W. 12th Street (at Greenwich Avenue); 646-682-9842.

Cherche Midi (holiday à la carte menu options)
Eat your American Thanksgiving like a Parisian.

Cherche Midi, 282 Bowery (at E. Houston Street); 212-226-3055.

Joe's Shanghai (regular menu options)
Who needs stuffing and sides when you can have steamy soup dumplings?

Joe's Shanghai, multiple locations in Manhattan and Queens.

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