The Best Theories About The Stranger Things Finale

If you haven't watched Stranger Things yet, then what are you waiting for? It's one of the standout series of the summer, possibly even the year.

What makes Stranger Things so special is that it combines fantasy, curiosity, and science to create a believable fictional world. The characters, most of whom are kids, are refreshingly authentic. The four main friends — Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas — are innocent suburban boys, thrown into the adventure of their lives. The genre-bending horror series is more mind games than gore, and more '80s nostalgic than tragic.

The only downfall is, now that season 1 has been sufficiently binged, we're in withdrawal as we wait for news of season 2. To pass the time, we're rounding up the best theories about the series finale.

Matt Duffer, one half of the Duffer brother duo behind the show, told Variety that the plot of the series is only going to get darker and more intense with the next season (which is rumored, but not yet finalized.) And that as the show goes on, the characters within it will be trying to piece together the mystery with theories of their own. "They’re very weird, and the weirder it is, the more inexplicable it is, the scarier it is," he told the site.

Weirder? Scarier? Count us in. Now, let's get to theorizing.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misidentified two character names, they are Mike and Lucas not Finn and Caleb. The word "incubus" has also been updated to read as "incubator."

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The Byers' problems with government officials are only just starting.
The family knows way too much about Eleven, The Upside Down, and the evil government suits working on the project. There's no way that things go back to normal now. If Will goes missing again, I'd bet it's the work of the government agents.
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Will's body is now an incubator for the monster with those slugs living inside of him.
And he won't tell his mom or brother about his condition until it is too late. In the season 1 finale, that black-tar looking slug slithers down the sink when Will coughs it up, but he isn't shocked by it, which makes it seem like it's a normal occurrence.
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Barb is dead.
This is a fact. I am sorry to all the Barb fans. However, she will have justice in season 2.
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Nancy and Jonathan will end up together.
There's no way that these two won't end up together. Steve did redeem himself, and seems to be learning from his mistakes, but Nancy and Jonathan have some unfinished business together. If Jonathan does grow up to be Daryl in The Walking Dead, will Nancy be his ass-kicking sidekick?
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Eleven’s dad will come into play and explain more about her origin story.
After meeting Eleven's mother, it's clear that she has been through some serious shit. She can barely talk, and she obviously knows a lot more about what's going on with her daughter than she lets on, which makes me even more curious about Eleven's father. Some people think it might be Chief Hopper (unlikely) or the intense Dr. Brenner (more likely), or it's someone we haven't met who also has unexplainable powers (most likely).
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Eleven is still alive and is probably the monster.
We get more into the theory in this post, but to summarize: Eleven has an incredibly powerful mind. So incredible, in fact, that her subconscious exists on its own in the Upside Down in the form of a terrifying creature.
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Chief Hopper is working with the government now.
Hopper doesn't have a lot to lose. He lost his daughter, his ex-wife, and at times (after nights of heavy drinking) he loses his sanity. We know he made a deal with Dr. Brenner to get Will out of Upside Down, but it's unclear what the details of the agreement were. Is Hopper now aligned with the sketchy agents? Remember, he did get in the car after leaving the hospital. He also leaves Eggos in the woods. Does he know more than we do?
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The boys will go to Upside Down to look for Eleven.
Mike isn't going to give up on his true love, Eleven, that easily. The boys are also much braver now than they were in the first episode.
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